For Gold Purchasing Offer.

From: Uba Muhammed <gff>
Date: Sat, Mar 5, 2016 at 11:09 AM
Subject: Re: For Gold Purchasing Offer.

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you at this time to advertise the availability of our main product, gold in bulk quantities. As we represent a large number of local artisan miners, we are prepared to provide quantities of up to 400 kilograms of 22.karat alluvial gold monthly.

Following is information concerning our product:

Quantity: 400 kilograms available monthly
Quality: 23. karat alluvial Au
Origin: Ghana, West Africa
Price: $26,500 per kilogram

Our firm is in possession of the Gold Export Certificate issued by the Government of the Republic of Ghana necessary to export gold from Ghana, thus we can provide service to any part of the world.

We are prepared to offer the quantity of gold required to the Buyer [or their representative] upon their arrival here in Accra. After the Buyer has confirmed the quantity and the quality of the gold with their refinery, and is satisfied, only then will we accept payment, by bank transfer, from the Buyer to us. Further.

we currently seek outside-based serious investors on a partnership basis in order to increase our production capacity. If you are interested in this proposal, or have any further questions, kindly contact me at the numbers listed above.Looking forward to doing business with you.

Yours truly,

Muhammed Uba.


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