from: Peter Stevenson <>
reply-to: Peter Stevenson <>
date: Fri, Nov 7, 2014 at 12:58 PM
subject: Fund

2014-11-20 12-43-54 AM


5 Responses to Fund

  1. Soekartono Sukarno says:

    Does this belong to ones of Caught in the Act info ? >>> HOAX/scam  

  2. Younus Mohammed says:

    Hello ! Professionals am going through the same i have received some emails from Mrs. Solis Katherine was saying me she lives in United Kingdom and going with high stage 3 cancer so she came in contact with me regarding she holding with money which is 6.5 million USD and was asking me my personal information and bank details as well.. And also she gave my contact number and email address of chief finance officer of citi bank which is located at strand westminster london uk.. His name was Lazlo Motil.. So is that fake or real i dont even understand plzz do help me out with this coz that person is asking me to pay courier fees and tax clearance fees which is 1500$ USD.. So i guess its just to make fool to indians. I kindly request you to know sort out this ASAP and get back to me.. Waiting for a swift reply..
    Younus Mohammed.

    • Not my responsibility to sort out your scams. Just fucking ignore it, like the rest of the world.

      • maysi says:

        so mr.lazlo motil and mrs.solis is scammer.. i also receive that email..please help me because i already send my information.. waiting for a swift reply thank you

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