Deposit certificate of the WILL

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Barrister Alan Wilford And Associates
33 Catherine Place,
London SW1E 6DY.
United Kingdom.

Dear [redacted],

Attached here is the Original Copies of the WILL Certificate and the Deposit certificate of the WILL, willed to you by Late Eng. Mr. Rims Hillard. You are to carefully download it and see for your self. And here is the Bank contact where your FUNDS is deposited:



Phone Number +44-7010-0465-09.


You are advised to contact the Bank where your inherited funds is deposited with your WILL DOCUMENTS and ask them that you have been directed to them by Barrister Alan Wilford, and that you request that the amount Willed to you by Eng. Mr. Rims Hillard. be transferred to you as instructed. Please keep me updated in any progress with the funds transfer and always forward me all that the bank is telling or asking you.
Barrister Alan Wilford.


12 Responses to Deposit certificate of the WILL

  1. RAKESH KUMAR says:

    How can i caught to this type of person who is posting that type of prizemoney which u won in Anneversery of NOKIA. I have given him Only Name And Cell No and when i recieve his email response then i search to that type of posting is fraud or real. So this type of Posting completly bad thing for uk and NOKIA. Just give me idea what should i do now

  2. Dharmendr singh says:

    I am vinar 500.000 use dolar

  3. Dharmendr singh says:

    Dharmendra singh [redacted]villeg daipra post [redacted]thana ater distirct [redacted]madhay prdesh

  4. amanda jaglal says:

    3 days ago I have been getting these exact mails from mikey cole

  5. smith walliah says:

    I get an information from the bank from royal bank of scotland which stated the 1.dead certificate of a dead person
    2. deposit certificate of the dead person
    3. power of antony and affidavit written by a lawyer from senegal to power you. to claim this money.

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