from: Mr Emmanuel Iwu <mew@it.xt>
date: Tue, Sep 16, 2014 at 2:25 PM
subject: REPLY

It might be a shock to you reading from me now. I am a B a n k e r my names are Mr. Emmanuel Iwu from U n i t e d B a n k for A f r i c a (U B A), and a private account officer to my late customer, a countrywide of your nation, He was a service provider worked with an oil business here in Nig. generally, I wouldn’t have contacted you but for the simple fact is that I am looking for the possible recipient to the d e p o s i t e d money of my d e p a r t e d customer, whose untaken money are left with the B a n k valued US $10.5 million. I have been ordered by the B a n k to provide the next of kin within the next 7days or consider the f u n d confiscate. I am writing you following an opportunity in my position that will be of great benefit to us as you are bearing the same last surname name with my late client and I wish you not to countenance this offer. Further explanatory details shall be made known to you upon your response. Mr Emmanuel Iwu


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