Re: Dear Beloved in Christ,

I routinely send a “thank you for contributing” message to the scammers to let them know their bullshit has been publicized.  Every now and then I get a response like this, who originally tried to scam me here.

What a load of bullshit, especially when there are thousands of examples of this scam almost identical to the original archived on this website.

from: Floxy Joseph <>
to: [redacted]
date: Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 3:20 AM
subject: Re: Dear Beloved in Christ,

Are you not just a fool calling me a scam or wasting your time posting what is real or false, who are you to judge people on thier problems wether real or fake are you God? How many people or sin did you think you’ve committed against people, humanity or your friend can you just think deep and ask yourself if you have offended or wrong someone else?

Your response shows that you did not understand my mail otherwise you cannot state these issues as condition for commencement of the good will besides it is really unfortunate that you can assassinate my person and character like this without a little confirmation of the fact and the truth.  also note that anything that has original must have fake, because fake or imitation can never originate it must be formed from an existing form or object.

Many legitimate organizations, corporate bodies include banks and government parasatals and agencies have been in one way or the other impersonated. Do these corporate bodies and persons stop being legit because they fake/use their names or offices to operate.

You probably wrote me off because you do not know anything about me but the Creator knows you even before we were conceived so be informed that we can not because some women die during child birth stop procreation, also note that anything that has original must have fake, because fake or imitation can never originate it must be formed from an existing form or object.

I made the statements above because of your words of skepticism as contained in your mail, I can not forge a thing like this if it never existed I know there are scams but this is not a lie, cancer is son painful that nobody will wish him/herself cancer because of little amount of money, if anybody can I will never.

if you want to be part of this I need you to first of all pray to God and ask for His direction on this, you must get a revelation about this if you do not get any revelation please discontinue, so please pray first I know that the good God that directed me to you must surely talk to you. Lies is a big thing, death is a bigger thing also, I can not because of money wish myself dead NO I cant even think of it not to talk of saying it. Well remember you wish yourself whatever you wish someone therefore judge not and continue posting more..


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