Attn Fund Owner

from: Mr. Robert Peter <>
reply-to: “” <>
date: Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 4:33 AM
subject: Attn Fund Owner

Attn Fund Owner,

The reason why I am contacting you now is just to let you know the
reason why you have not received your  fund from  Couriers Company and
various offices

As a matter of fact,i have verified so many things about your fund and
have finally found a solution to it.The reason why you have never
received any money from Africa for almost a decade now is that the
offices/persons handling the transaction with you were not the right

You have to understood that no funds that is being moved out from
Africa as the origin of the fund will be successfully without
undergoing full clearance from the United Bank of Africa (UBA)

United Bank of Africa (UBA) is the central banking system of the
African Union(AU). It was created with the enactment of the African
Union Act to conduct the nation’s monetary policy, supervise and
regulate banking institutions, maintain the stability of the financial
system and provide financial services to depository institutions, the
African continent, and foreign official institutions.

For this reason,there is no means for you to receive any cheque,
package,etc from Africa without the notice of (UBA). We must verify
the legitimacy of the transaction and after proper verification and
due assessments.If satisfied genuine,we will sign the official
approval showing that the fund is of a legitimate source. Not
connectable to drug or money laundering and confirmed tax free.
Therefore have the fund wired to the beneficiary via our Money Gram or
ATM card department.

Some offices are known to be associated with scams in Africa and
therefore should be avoided. For this reason, We have decided to use
our money gram department or ATM delivery which is the only safe and
secure bank that will transfer your funds to you with a maximum
security to ensure no hitch & free transaction.

According to the director general of United Bank of Africa (UBA):Mr. Robert Peter, it is illegal to move fund above
$100,000 USD via cash on consignment because it must be stopped at the
airport by the federal agencies responsible for that such as
customs,drug law enforcement agency if it is not accompanied with full

These are all the things you have to be recorded. As i am writing you
now,your $50 Million USD is under the custody of (UBA) and will be
transferred to you via our Western Union department or ATM card as soon as you have send us the sum of $169.00 which is required to be paid to
our Who will sign your fund release order before the transaction will
commence in your favor.

Here below is the information to send the money to our office;VIA Western Union

Receivers name;… Bertin Honvou
Country; , Benin Republic.
Text Question; Honest
Answer; Safety
Sum…………….$169.00 Only
Sender name;………….

Moreover, be informed that the maximum amount you will be receiving
per day both in ATM card  is $7000.00. until your total sum of
$50 Million completely paid to you.

Thanks for your understanding and we are waiting for your quick reply
and the payment information.

This massage is coming from.
Foreign Contract Payments

Mr. Robert Peter.

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