from:  Davids Jones <>
date:  Tue, Sep 2, 2014 at 7:07 PM
subject:  MAIL

My Dear Greetings to you,

I must express my proposal without reservation and I wish to tell you that I have contacted you because of a business of 500kg of Gold / precious metal presently deposited in my company’s vault.

I want you to try and understand me and also place your self in my position as a vault manager of a safe keeping company, Hence I have missed many opportunity and do not wish to see more go by.

Your last name attracted me to contact you and because my late client beard the same last name with you, i just need to know if I can trust this whole amount of Gold into your care for sale and we share the proceed %50/%50.

The depositor of the Gold bullion in question died four years Ago and my company is not aware of this, he is a foreigner and have the same last name with you,but he entrusted all his access covering documents under my care, I am requesting that you will stand as his relative/partner, so that we can process the release to you, this will only be known by both of us ,as you need to maintain absolute secret about it.

I am assuring you of 100% success and legal coverage because I will also stand to attest that you are his relative since I am the oldest serving staff in the company.

I want you to check this thoroughly and get back to me, I am ready to release the certificate of Deposit for you to go through, I will implore you to have this deal accomplish with me and we need an urgent move to secure this transaction.

I will wait to hear from you.



David Jones.



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