Tina Sambo

Reader submission. No Headers provided

Hello Sir / Madam
How are yo doing I hope that everything is moving well with you?
Sir My name is Tina Sambo I have been in communication with your wife for couple of days now and I told her about my life story and what I want her to help me on to transfer some amount of money to her account and I requested for her information but she gave me your own information with your name and your phone number and your address

but after all she told me to contact you and explain to about everything which I have told her but I say Let me write this message to you to inform you and to introduce myself to you

and I have forwarded all the information to the bank where the money was deposited to introduce you to the bank as my trustee so that the bank will reorganize you because I will send to you the bank contact after I hear from you so that you will contact them to know how the money will be transfer to your account please this is the reason I wrote this message to you please I will be waiting to hear from you before I will give you the bank contact where the money was deposited for you to contact them ok take good care of yourself for me
yours new frie


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