from: seyba jean <seybaj2000@yahoo.com.au>
reply-to: seybaj2000@yahoo.com.au
date: Fri, Aug 29, 2014 at 6:19 AM
subject: Hello

Top Important

I am Mr Seyba Jean, a staff of BANK BICIA-B here in Burkina Faso. I am
very sorry about this sudden mail as I know it might come as a
surprise banging into your private life especially when we have not
met before. It was an urgent need for a foreign partner, which has
pushed me to send you this proposal. I know we have not met before,
but I am very optimistic that we might be able to establish the
necessary trust needed to execute this project.

I just need your services in a confidential matter regarding (fund) in
my bank.This requires a private arrangement.

You will receive these funds under legitimate arrangement that will
protect both of us. All legal documents will be carefully worked out
to ensure a risk free transfer. 50% of the total sum would be your own
portion at the end of this deal.

The said sum is the profit / interest my branch realized during a
period of 10 banking years. Further details will be sent to you as
soon as possible.

So if you are willing to assist, please get back to me soonest.

Thanks as I expect to hear from you soon.

My dearest regards.


Seyba Jean

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