Deacon Dan

Reader submission. No Headers provided

Dear Mr. Nicolas Benson, Bank of UK

Please note, Sir! I am Deacon Dan, Catholic missionary, an advocate York South-Weston, ON Canada. I was victimized of a SCAM many times in my life. I am an old man, 80. I’ve read your mail very carefully. Anent, to your request I act as next of kin to your late client, I’d like to know if Deacon Dan that’s me oblige to send funds before this deal goes into ,effect. I DON’T HAVE SUCH FUNDS TO SEND TO YOU. YOU MANAGE TO RAISE THE FEES AND OTHER PERTINENT PAPERS, PROMISE DEACON DAN THIS IS CLEAR NOT FEES, NO FUNDS AND OTHER NECESSARY OBLIGATION ENCOUNTER FOR THIS DEAL OK?

If this condition sets herein in the mail then I, Deacon Dan is ready to send to you my personal profile without any problem.

Is this OK, Sur_____________________________________________________!

Signed by Nicolas Benson Privacy and confidential Aug.24th 2014 UK England

Sincerely, Deacon Dan I am a recipient Government of ON Senior Achievement Award’04, Queen’s Park, ON and Canada ON Senior Secretariat community and reli gion


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