Did you authorize Mr. Ralston to claim your fund

from: FrankMr. Godwin Emefiele <info@cbn.org>
reply-to: goodwincbn@gmail.com
date: Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 7:12 PM
subject: Did you authorize Mr. Ralston to claim your fund






I was informed this morning by Senator Ibrahim Mantu in Nigeria that two men in the persons of Mr. Ralston Wheatly and his Attorney Barrister John Williams approached his office with a “Power of Attorney, claiming that due to your ill-health that you would not be able to  carry out your obligation to receive a Contract/Inheritance fund from the Central Bank of Nigeria left by your relative who died on a fatal road accident on Monday 12th of


December 2011 alongside with his family leaving behind only his daughter of about 13 year old girl .And therefore wish that the fund be transferred to your friend Mr. Ralston Wheatly  from USA, who is presently taking care of your businesses in Australia.




This Contract/ Inheritance fund valued at US$50 Million had been programmed to be ransferred to their bank account with the Wells Fargo. Find the Bank Account information as they have presented to the Central Bank of Nigeria below;






9 Northern Boulevard


Greenvale, New York


Account Number: 1010179906574


Swift Number: WFBIUS 6S


Routing Number: 121000248


Account Name:  Mr. Ralston Wheatly



The Central Bank of Nigeria had called my attention to this to find out if you’re really sick and had given this authorization. So if you’re not aware of this please get back to this office and let me know so I can notify the Central Bank of Nigeria immediately to stop the transfer and to avoid any mistake please reconfirm:


1)  Your full name —


2)  Your Full personal address—–


3)  Your company address (IF ANY)


4)  Your Mobile Number


5)  Your position


6)  Your bank name–


Upon your prompt response, I will give you full details and enlighten you on how will work things out make an arrangement to legally hand over this fund to you rather than allowing


those criminals to steal the fund.




But if do not response, it will assumed that you actually send them and the bank will transfer  to bank information they have provided






Ohams Frank Hamed


Chairman Foreign Debt Settlement



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