from: Kutsal Efruz <blendaikeya@yahoo.co.jp>
reply-to: Kutsal Efruz <ccmoonlite1@inmano.com>
date: Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 10:11 AM
subject: URGENT.

Good day to you.
First I will like you to Permit me for a brief introduction of myself, My Name is Miss Kutsal Efruz from Ivory Coast and the only survival Daughter of my parents, late Mr & Mrs Erbek Efruz, I wish to request for your honest assistance in accepting me as one of your family member and as your Daughter. Before the sudden death of my parents on that faithful day that they were assassinated by unknown person, It was made known to me by my father that he and my mother made a deposit sum of $7,400,000.00 USD (Seven Million Four Hundred Thousand US Dollars) in one of the security firm here Ivory Coast capital Abidjan, and that the money was deposited and registered as our family valuables concealed in a metallic box with my name as their only survival child before he give up.
Since the political crisis in our country which claimed the life of many in the year 2010 made me to run away from our country, this made me not to know any of my uncles and their way about. Beside I was warned by late father even before his sudden death that his brothers are not happy about his establishment in life, that I must be careful and don’t ever allow any one of them knowing my plans in future, because they will try hurting me. Recently, only for me to return back from my the hidden place where I have been, and my late father’s company and estate is been sold to Lebanese. When I try to find out, I was attacked severally to be killed.

Now, I wish to contact you after having three days fasting and praying in our church here where I attend and worship God, because my father when he was alive he instructed me to seek for a helper from any foreign country of my choice who will assist me in handling the fund which he deposited in the security company in case if anything in future and to take care of me. I am seeking for your assistance as a foreigner to represent before the security company as my late father’s business associate who will be assisting me in claiming the consignment before the security company here as the rightfully beneficiary of the box and to get the fund transfer to your country while I will join you to continue my education, while you will invest some of the money in good business and to help the orphanage and less privilege.
The deposited documents are with me here of which I will send you all the documents for verifications once you accept to help me. But my question is this, can I completely trust you? Will you take me as your Daughter. I accept in my heart to offer you 30% of the total sum for your kind assistance.

I am waiting for your kind response.  

Yours Daughter.
Miss Kutsal Efruz
I will give you the telephone number to reach me with on my next mail.



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