Dear Sir/Madam

Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2014 03:51:30 +0300
From: Simon Umang <>
Subject: Dear Sir/Madam

My dear brother Compliments of the seasonI am Mr. Simon Umang and my
Sister Tina from Congo Dr are presently here in UK under refugee
status. We need your assistance to claim a deposit of 1 trunk box of
7 crore Indian rupee[Seven crore Indian rupee] which my father
deposited with the Diplomatic Company there in India. This should be
a secret between you and us as this is our only hope of getting back
to our feet after losing all our father’s money. I and my Sister
have been living here in UK for past months after Rebels killed our
Father in our home town of Rumangabo a mineral-rich northern Kivu
province of Congo DR and We decided to flee to United Kingdom for our
safety. Now according to the news we heard that the Congolese army
have regained our town. We need your help to claim this funds and
have it sent to us after conversion to United states dollar which we
have asked the Diplomat to help in the conversion, so we can go home
and take care of our properties. We have decided to give you some %
for your help.Please give us your full name and telephone number so
we will give it to the Diplomatic agent in Delhi to call and release
this box to you as our father’s partner. Also let us know how much
percentage will be very ok for you.Please treat this as urgent and
reply on the below e-mail address.Email Contacts: simonumang9@hotmail.comBest regards, Simon


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