Independent National Electoral Commission..

Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 16:59:45 -0400
From: “Sen. Andy Uba” <>
Subject: Independent National Electoral Commission..

Dear Sir/Madam.

My name is Senator (Dr) Andy Uba, Chairman, Senate committee on INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission), I found your personal information via a distinct search through your Consulate chamber of commerce database, hence I am contacting you after satisfying my instinct that you are able and on the level to guarantee the smooth and success of this transaction.

I am writing you this letter today following an official declaration that a business consultant to INEC was involved in the recent Malaysian Airline Flight 370 that has been missing for several weeks. The consultant had an on-going project with INEC to the tune of US$355,780,000.00 for the supply of electoral equipment’s and stationery for the upcoming presidential election in Nigeria in 2015.

Owing to my position as the chairman and head of Finance for disbursement of the allocated funds for the supply of the machinery, I have documented evidence of all approved payments due for the contract from the apex bank, thus, I am making contact with you to complete the final batch of payment (US$85,350,000.00) within the next few weeks in accordance with the terms of the contract.

This transaction is risk free as you will be guided accordingly throughout the process and with the help of the Head of CBN Corporate Services Directorate, we shall have no problem in facilitating the payment process.

Kindly, write me back on receipt of this message and provide me with the best number and time to reach you to discuss this matter, thereafter, we shall proceed with other necessary discussion and arrangements for the transfer of the funds. For your participation, we shall compensate you with a reasonable percentage of the funds on completion of the transfer to you . All this we shall discuss on hearing from you .

Thank you for your interest in this opportunity and please do keep this information very confidential due to the reputation of people involved .

Yours Sincerely.

Sen. Andy Uba


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