from: SGC <>
to: Ornerud <>
date: Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 2:38 AM
subject: SV:

$2,000,000USD Donation funds made to you,
Please contact
Name : Patricia Chandler 

10 Responses to SV:

  1. Peggy Grzechowiak says:

    in process of this scam right now. Wife has Breast Cancer and they say found her from her site, talking a lot about GOD and promise that this is legit referring to a site showing the winnings from Lotto, Patricia is claiming shes in France, and offering $ 2 million, just waiting for the time when they tell us we have to pay taxes or fees or some other BS. has sent us email first then text message. will let you know whats next.

  2. Fred parle says:

    Me too same sort of claim did not open it just referred immediately to ? Is it a scam……….

  3. Patty says:

    I received this email via second party. An email from a man named Glen Stanger of Douglas college, in New Westminster B.C. Stating that I need to email another address for my “Claim.” I emailed back not knowing what was going on, explaining I live in NYC and am not sure they have the right email address. Long story short. Look out for rogue emails from mysterious Canadian professors.

  4. Adam says:

    Got a random text asking to email her about the 2M. Says she’s now in London and has cancer of the blood.

  5. Keith Syria says:

    Same M.O. But it’s “Patricia Chandler” herself offer 2m, using God and sickness and having to move to France because of the taxes on her jackpot. Scammers are getting smarter now, they used a real person in the news and gave specifics like an address of where they won, like anyone is going to give that or even remember.

  6. Juliette says:

    So I’m stupid enough to give my real address but I gave a fake name fake phone number, job, ageis that bad, cuz iI’m freaking out right now

    • Harriet Fisher says:

      It’s not the scammer you should be worried about, It’s the scammer giving your address to other people. Just relax though because chances are they aren’t THAT dangerous. :)

  7. Robert Garner says:

    Same scam here only I got further in the application process. Gave name and address no more.

  8. Vinod says:

    I m too getting mail . They r trying to cheat

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