Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2014 09:44:52 +0200
From: Thomas Wilson towilson56@gmail.com
Reply-To: towilson56@outlook.fr
Subject: URGENT


My name is Thomas Wilson former diplomat retired residing in FRANCE.I have 85 years old.I contact you for the purpose of make you a donation of my fortune to $1,500,000 USD that i tabled several years in my bank in Benin country for more security because my doctor just tell me that am not be able to survive for more than 30 days.I decided to make this donation to a unknown person like you after my confession to the pastor of my church for the evil i have done in the past when I was in diplomacie activity.I am asking today forgiveness to Almighty God for all arms trafficking and the wars that my superiors and me had caused in several Countries.I find myself this day alone facing my destiny and I wish you all the happiness with this money without risk.My lawyer in this Country will help you to complete all formalities for you to transfer the funds into your bank. Please provide me the above information below so the Lawyer can contact you:

Name & surname:
Mobile phone number:

NB : I advise you to keep this confidential gift until the end of the procedure with my lawyer.Note that I made this gift without expecting in return.


Thank you


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