Hello My Dear,

from: gloria pattugalan gloria_pattugalan1@hotmail.com
reply-to: gloria_pattugalan11@yahoo.co.jp
to: [redacted]
date: Sun, Jun 15, 2014 at 2:36 AM
subject: Hello My Dear,

Hello My Dear,

Good day to you and Thanks for your mail and your concern towards my request ,

I received your mail with open heart, and i am happy that you can handle this fund to build a charity homes . I will be pleased anywhere i found myself tomorrow if you use this fund as planned.As a widow i will like someone that will be faithful and honest to use these funds to do the work of God and build a privilege home in your country.

Please i am assuring you that there will be no risk to take in helping me for claiming of this fund because my late husband had legitimately deposited this fund , but due to his death i have to stand to claim the fund but due to my present health condition i can not as you know i have been diagnosed of endometrial cancer.

This is why i am appointing you to stand and help me claim this fund so that you will use the funds to do the work of our Lord in your country and help the needy and poor people .

This is why i am donating this fund to you . I dont have any biological child of my own who will inherit this money neither do i have any adopted child. So it will be my pleasure to donate this fund to a good person who will use it to help the privilege home .

Please i am assuring you that this fund is legal and legitimate from any illegal activities as the fund was clean and was made legally by my late husband before his untimely death.

I have been diagnosed of endometrial cancer, unfortunately for me my doctor said i don’t have any chance to survive except by a miracle and i have spent a lot of money on medical treatment yet no improvement. Please i want you to handle this affair as your own affair so that my plans will come through, I really do not know what will happen to me in the next 72 hours because of this illness,please assured me that you will handle this fund as i have instructed you.

I hopefully awaiting your soonest reply so that I will give you more details on how to proceed and the documentations proving this fund in the bank.

Yours Faithfully,

Mrs.Gloria Pattugalan.


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