Official Coca-Cola response

Other Coca-Cola lottery scams.

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Coca-Cola Great Britain
1 Queen Caroline Street
Hammer smith LondonW6 9
We wish to congratulate you once again on this note, for being one of the winners selected in the Lottery Promotions We are proud to inform you that, Your certified winning parcel containing a cheque of five Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds (500,000.00 GBP), a prize winning certificate and some other documents has been registered with this company which is to be delivered to your residence as instructed by .(COCA COLA LOTTERY UK).

Note: All courier charges has been dully paid over here in UK while you will be responsible for any local charges to be incurred by the diplomat in delivering your winning prize to you in your custom clearance changers you have to pay .

We are pleased to inform you that a demand draft of five Hundred Thousand Great British pounds has been issued in regards to your name and will be dispatched to your designated home address within the next 48 hours. By our delivery officer Diploma Martins White, He will be arriving in your country India on the 5 of april ,2014. you are required to provide a scan copy of your identity card that is acceptable in your country, that will enable our delivery officer verify you as the rightful owner of the cheque.

Your winning consignment box contains all of the following items:
1.) Your Coca Cola Winning Prize £500,000.00GBP.}
2.)Official Winning Certificate.
3.)Affidavit of claims eligibility.
4.)Documents covering source of winnings.
Departure Date /Time:4 april, 2014 -10:15:00 p.m (UK TIME

Arrival Date /Time:5 april 2014 – 9:30 a.m (INDIA TIME) AT

In respect of your fund, we wish to inform you that COCA COLA board of directors has approved the delivery of your winning prize of Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds, that was deposited in our company here in London by COCA COLA corporation lottery board to be delivered in your home address in your country by our delivery officer diploma, Martins White .

Please be warned: you are advised to keep your winning information confidential from general public we do not allow customers to send their friends or relatives to pickup their parcels on their behalf due to security reasons.

COCA COLA company parcel delivery has gone through a transformation from a mere quoting method to becoming an essential tool for shippers, entities who perform projections and inspections, and the general public We make it simple. By standardizing the COCA COLA Board delivery service of rates, hence COCA COLA Board parcel deliveries has put the world in your fingertips. We are not a broker, we are licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission as a non-vessel operating common carrier ( N.V.O.C.C.) to produce original shipping documents, and we are licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration under the TSA as an indirect air carrier (I.A.C.) to engage in air cargo worldwide, therefore we can leverage our technology with our experience to save your money and serve you on a global basic

Thank once again congratulation.Your satisfaction is our priority and we look forward to provide you the best of our quality service, Do have a wonderful day in anticipation of hearing from you As Soon As Possible.
Congratulations once again.
CONFIRMATION CALL LINE:(Tel: +448712372475)
Mr. john andrew,
Director of Claims and Payment.
London -United Kingdom


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