cheque in the amount of $3.3million

Reader submission, no headers provided

This is to bring to your attention that we have confirmed from the FBI and the National Lottery, United Kingdom, that a debit card or cheque in the amount of $3.3million be sent to you from the Central Bank, Lagos, Nigeria. To make things easy for you, we work with the Bank Of America to issue us Visa Debit cards. The cards are then sent to Nigeria for verification and endorsement by the Central Bank. This is in accordance with the instructions of the National Lottery so that the amount contained in the card is non-taxable.
The card/cheque presently sits in our Lagos office and will be dispatched to you as soon as we receive confirmation of payment for the courier of the card/cheque. For security reasons, the pin will be sent to you only when we are sure you have the card in your possession. For this sake, when sending any email to us, your subject should include the code CBNBOA2014.

Below are three options for delivery of your card or cheque worth $3.3million

1. Fedex with tracking number, premium insurance and 3-day delivery: $800
2. DHL with tracking number, premium insurance and 3-day delivery: $820
3. Nigeria Postal Service with no insurance and 14-day delivery: $100

Please choose one of the options above and make payment.
You are to make the payment by western union to my assistant:

Name: Alex Obi
Address: 12 Queens Street, Victoria Island
City: Lagos
Country: Nigeria
Test Question: color
Answer: red
Scan and send the western union transfer slip/receipt via email to me. If you do not have a scanner, email me the following information:

1. Name and Address of Sender
2. 10-digit Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)
3. Test Question and Answer.
4. Amount Sent

Once we receive the money, the card/cheque would be sent to you immediately. Thank you.

Please note that our emails are being monitored by the FBI.

Beth Storbo
Central Bank of Nigeria


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