Date: Sun, 25 May 2014 05:36:46 +0300
From: ANZbank anzbank@nz.com
Reply-To: mousafard@gmail.com

How are you doing,

Sorry to contact you in this manner, I got your information from the Internet and i have a business deal for you but you must assure me that you will keep this transaction strictly confidential for now, no third party whatsoever should be aware of this transaction until we have achieved a good result. This is to prevent any intruder or obstructions.

I am Mr MOUSAVI FARD, Manager in charge of ANZbank (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited) I am from iran but working here for 15 years and I want you to know that as a manange here in this bank I can arrange $40.5 million as a grant to your name.

This grant attracts absolutely no interest, and it will stay on ANZbank Books for 60 months, after which it will be written off! This is possible because Sovereign Wealth Funds in my charge usually remain dormant (inactive) for years because some leaders of over the world who made the initial deposits intended to steal the funds after leaving office. But, they are either kicked out of office, and the Sovereign Wealth Funds accounts then go into dormant mode and as I am writing to you now I have upto 8 account that is dormants for many years now.

I can therefore arrange to give you at least $40.5 million grant without conditions, except that you must set aside 50% of US$40.5 million for me, as soon as you receive the grant of US$40.5 million. As a matter of fact, this transaction will be completed in less than one week.

If you are interested, then respond only via my private email: (mousafard@gmail.com ) And we can talk on how this fund can get to you via this three below options:

(1) Bank to bank transfer
(2) Bank Draft
(3) Cash box delivery via diplomat company

Please clearly supply me this following info.
Your full names
Your Mobile phone number
Your complete address
A Scan Copy of your Identity

NOTE: as soon as we complete our arrangement I will then move this fund to Finance Firm where you will arrange with them for the transference to your local account. This arrangement is to perfect this transaction and ensure success.

My best regards,



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