ADM Business Partnership.

from: Dr. David Mark Knight
date: Sun, Jan 19, 2014 at 11:26 AM
subject: Re: ADM Business Partnership.

I have tried reaching you with a business suggestion but until now, I have not received your response. Maybe my message failed to reach you? Anyway, all I want you to do, is stand as supplier of Raw Material used for the production of animal injections and vaccines to our company.

Note that the item being supplied is by no way an illegal, illicit or contra bound products. It is simply Raw Bayovac Oil of 90% purity. Raw Bayovac Oil is used for production of Animal Antiviral & Retroviral Health Vaccine products like Bayovac FMD, Bayovac Horizon, Bayovac Lepto, Bayovac BRSV-4, Bayovac Blacklegol, Bayovac Derriengue, Bayovac Thraxol 2 and Glanvac for treatment of Horses, Lions, Rhinos, Hippopotamus and other wild Animals.

What makes it a good business for us? It is very rare and not easily available in the market. Our company pays at any cost to get these raw materials. I have sources for the procurement of these items but as a recently apponted member of our board, I cannot be connected to suppliers. Hence, I must do this discretely with you to continue the supplies. These items can be sourced in Asia, Europe
and United States and I have contacts too. Be rest assured that the supply value is almost triple of actual purchase rate per litre.

The message I sent you earlier has full details of this arrangement. I do not know if you received that message or not but if it did not get to you, I will
give you full details and provide all our company data if you are ready to deal.

Dr. David Mark Knight.


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