Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2014 02:02:59 -0500
From: “Mr. Frank Kelvin” frankkelvin.ltd@gmail.com
Reply-To: “Mr. Frank Kelvin” frankkelvin.ltd@gmail.com
Subject: Order
To: [redacted]

Dear Sir/Ma

Thanks for the response to our message.
Theres a company that wants us to supply them with the products of your Company as i have cheeked from the site, please check the attached Purchase Order to see the products and quantities the company needs and quote your best selling price by issuing us Performa Invoice accordingly.

Click Purchase Order and log in with your valid email address and password, which would automatically redirect you to where you will see the specific brand, drawing and description of the product we want your company to supply to us. Secondly the proactive security filtering system / Order sample is designed to protect your privacy and ours.

We expect to hear from you shortly to enable us offset with the purchase arrangement / agreement once the price is competitive and we get your assurance on the quality of the products.



Mr. Frank Kelvin,

Purchasing Manager

Frank Kelvin Co.Ltd .


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