Eco Bank LTD

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Yes it is a SCAM! I recognized this right off. (disappointed this made it through my company’s firewall though..more evidence!

Harley Wang

Hello I will start by thanking you for your response to my email. My name is Hayley Wang Foreign operations Eco Bank LTD. (Sao Tome and Principe)., I believe that you will be apprehensive on the kind of business proposition that I have in stock for you. Well, I am soliciting your assistance to be able to transfer a huge amount of money US$21,410,000.00 from my bank that is lying idle with no one ever coming to lay claim to it. Before I go ahead let me tell you how the funds came into existence in the first place.

This fund originally belongs to a late client Fayez Abdulaziz Abiri a business man. He made a fixed numbered deposit with a value of US$18,796,000.00 in my branch. When his stipulated time elapsed, we sent a notification to him so he would advice if he still wants to extend his term of deposit or not but we did not hear from him. After sometime we tried contacting him again and still there was no reply from him. As his banking officer, I decided to carry out my own investigation as to the whereabouts of Mr. Fayez Abdulaziz Abiri only to find out he had died of Kidney infection in Mukaradeeb Iraq.

Fayez did not record a receiver on his authorized deed before he passed away and according to the laws of this country at the expiration of six {6} years, if a person dies intestate, the laws of some jurisdictions require the estate to be distributed to the person’s spouse and/or children. However, if there are none of these, the estate can often be distributed to the next closest group of living relatives, whether they be parents, grandparents, First cousins, aunts & uncles, or second cousins in extreme cases. If a person dies intestate with no identifiable next of kin, the person’s estate generally escheats (i.e., legally reverts) to the government.

My suggestion is that I will like you as a foreigner to stand as the next of kin to Fayez Abdulaziz Abiri so that you will be able to receive his funds for our joint gratification. You will be made the next of kin thereby putting you the position to inherit this huge amount

Be reminded that, I am NOT saying you are related to the Testator but the transaction can be very easily accomplished. Again, please know that to accomplish this transaction more quickly and without any hindrance, you must understand that I will need your fullest support. This can be more easily achieved only if you understand the details of the transaction. Please, note that I will also demand maximum confidentiality or discreteness in all matters

If you are interested in doing this business with me, please go ahead and contact me again with a confirmation to proceed with me. I need you to know that I have evaluated the risk involved in this deal and I guarantee that if you follow my instructions religiously, it will be hazard free. As far as I am concerned it is worth undertaking and I implore you to come along with me because the reward will be great for both of us.



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