brown smith loan firm

This scammer tries to use the comments section of this blog to promote his scam. Busted! Real lenders don’t use gmail, folks.

There are no legitimate lenders who send unsolicited offers like this. If you apply for this loan, you will be subjected to numerous fees, and the loan will never actually be completed. I know one woman who lost $6,500 in fees before she decided that it was a scam. If you need money, go to your local bank.

Sandy Jones


Greeting to the the entire public,My Name is Sandy from Durban,Eastern Cape,South Africa,I am happily married with two kids.I came to this very site to advertise and share the good work of Browne Loan Company for giving me a consolidation loan of $850,000…I have being declined every where,I went through a lot of process and being scammed by different loan companies that i came across but when i meant Browne Loan Company they gave me a loan of $850,000 after paying their registration fee of $1000,I have being looking for a loan for the past 3months but after a week i came across Browne Loan Company who uses this email address:(,then i got my loan,,This really made me to start life again after all the difficulties i had,Browne was sent to me and i have a happy home again,I am here to use this medium to inform the general public that if you need a legit loan without any stress and same day approval,you will have to quickly contact them right away via email on:(

Email them on:( with few minutes of applying you will get your funds in your bank account..I applied and it work for me and i guess it will also work for other people also,Once again help me thank them..


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