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Okay, let me make this perfectly clear: 


Okay I’m getting tired of this!  Stop asking me if this is real!  Stop asking where the money is!  Stop posting your damn phone numbers! It’s a SCAM, there IS NO money, these are thieves!  Get it through your thick skulls that you didn’t win ANYTHING!

I keep getting comments here saying that people have gotten SMS texts about this scam and asking if it’s true.  People, stop asking stupid questions!  For the last time, it’s not true, it’s a scam!  Don’t post here asking, just read the comments of everyone else!

A lot of people, particularly in India and Pakistan, have been getting SMS text messages promoting this scam. Do not fall for it, do not reply to these text messages! There is no money, they will do nothing but charge you a tax or a fee or a service charge, and then you will never hear from them again!

If you have given money to these people, contact the police immediately.  And kiss your money goodbye, it’s gone.  If you have given them any bank information, contact your bank immediately!  If you have given them any personal information, you’re out of luck.

If you have given them ANYTHING, what on Earth are you thinking?  You know, of course, that you have to actually ENTER a lottery before you can WIN, right?

Never, ever pay money to receive a winning prize.  not in taxes, fees, transfer costs or shipping.  If you do, you deserve to lose it.


Seafield House Hill of Rublislaw Aberdeen AB15 6BL London
REF Nє: EGS/2251256003/02
BATCH Nє: 14/0017/1PD
WINNING Nє: 60/84/27/17/36

Dear Lucky Email Owner/Winner,

The UK Shell Petroleum lottery board wishes to inform you that the results of our online ballot lottery international program held in United Kingdom yesterday has been released to you today. Your E-mail address was picked as one of the E-mail online lucky winner of the lump sum of ,1,950,000.00 GBP, therefore, we have issued a letter of payment with a cheque of 1,950,000.00 GBP to the paying bank for the payout lump sum of 1,950,000.00 GBP, All the e-mail participants for the online draw were selected randomly from World Wide Web sites through Shell Petroleum computer draw system and extracted from over 100,000 Companies and corporate bodies that are listed online. This promotion takes place biannually i.e. twice in a year.

All winning must be claimed not later than 30 DAYS. After this mandate all the unclaimed funds will be returned to European Union treasury as unclaimed, to file for your claim kindly Contact the payment processing manager

(Dr. Mrs.Wright D. Cruz) with your verification form below:
Direct Number: +44 702 402 2591
Processing Manager: Dr. (Mrs.) Wright Cruz

1. Full Names:
2. Country:
3. Contact Address:
4. Telephone Number:
5. Fax Number:
6. Date of birth:
7. Occupation:
8. Sex: / Marital Status:
9. Winning Email:

Mrs. Julian Kent

Online Notification Coordinator


You may also receive similar e-mails from people portraying to be other Organizations of yahoo Inc. This is solely to collect your personal information from you and lay claim over your winning. In event that you receive any e- Mail similar



  1. I m too getting like this emails day by day and asking about custom charge so I don’t want any emails like this is this a joke or real

  2. star says:

    What if I receive a text message? ? Relling me that I do win what is this?

  3. Manglesh Pandit says:

    I want to publish in all national and international leading news paper because we won a great prize. In this type of E_mail we received repidiatly. Please stop all this type of Email in feature. And also we log a complaints if i won prize please publish in local news paper first…………………

  4. mk says:

    all this types of email is fraud please do not pay any money. i also receive this type email but i check all certificate and passport which send me by sender all information wrong so please i advice to you do not replay any this types of email you loss your money.

  5. NAGARJUNA says:

    This mail is send to informing that I win the prize money is it true…..?

  6. Sukarma says:

    I win the prize money is it true………..?

  7. Nuwan says:

    I also recieved. is it real?

  8. Naveed jan says:

    totally fake i also receive that type of messages…


    Dear ma,I received similar message on my email,with all neccessary information,I also got an certificate from your company including my name and my winning prize,ma I want to know truth of the matter.thank you ma


    Dear ma,I received an international bank draft from central bank of nigeria(CBN)notifying me that am one(1)of the lucky winning of this year shell petroleum email lottery,ma I need to hear truth from you before processing my certificate award and the bank draft,thank you ma.

  11. Saima rashid says:

    Dear sir/Madam

    I am not happy after winning my fund because i have been suffered to difficult situation… This is all crap and fruad because i lost my money more then 12,000 admin fees..
    I want to Enquiries about my credit card that were issue by Absa bank of south Africa this matter is dealing Mr Martin zuma the head of ATM card issurens Forex unit.card number is:
    5390 0028 5005 5964
    They were issue ATM Master card for the transfor of shell petroleum uk lottrey wining fund sum of £80000.i have paid more then £1200 admin fee for this matter but they still not my activate my card and now Mr Martin demanding more money.
    I don’t want to pay any more for this matter and I want to refund my money. Please do investifate about mr martin zuma he took my money by fruad and now he do not giving me refund… I want complain against to mr martin zuma… He is not a honest getleman.. I live in uk… He assured me he will do manage to give my winning fund but when i sent a lot money he didnt do anything.. I am very upset..
    please help me in this matter

    Best Regard,s
    Saima Rashid

    • I’m sorry, but you’ll never see any of your money again, because this was a fraud from the start for the express purpose of stealing money from you. You should have known from the start this was a fraud when you won a lottery that you never entered. If you had l;ooked at the return addresses, they were all from free e-mail services like gmail, AOL or yahoo. You are the reason these people keep doing this scam and bothering the rest of us. I’m sorry you got scammed, but your own greed did it to you.

  12. rizwan says:

    who can i calim my prize

  13. oluwatoyin ahmed kayode says:

    i found difficult to claim my from central bank of nigeria, please put me through.

  14. S.S.Rawat says:

    Who are these dogs sending mails in frequency to anybody that you are email winner of uk lottery of coca cola or bbc one national lottery, indian authorities should crackdown such type of racket, these basterd are spreads across the world. and sometimes they are james scott.jones, peter or god knows all the categories of bitch or dog product.

  15. Olaiya Lawrence says:

    if you did not enter any lottery how can someone says you have won. Beware of 419 please

  16. Received alot of scam on my g-mail inbox.

  17. Scams received on my g-mail inbox. Need world support to deal with crime on the internant

  18. S M Ali musavi says:

    I am informed to be a winner of shell lottery is it true?

  19. rajesh kumar says:

    sir i am rajesh kumar…sir/mam i got a mail through ur’s company u have won 500000.00GBP IN EMAIL ID -( lottery in 2013….ur agent said me after paying the 19500 rupees in airport cleraness charge….this WINING money will go to dehli RBI ..Tthat transfer to ur ‘s a/c without pay any conversion currency charges to me……suddenly i got another message in email u have to pay 286990 to the RBI ..then after u will deserve for this amount…….i was fearing that it is froud so i send all documents information but still they did not help……similary i am sending all information….plz help me……





    lottery information:-

    Ticket Winning Number (UK/0147X4/74),
    Reference Number 9-11-13-19-37-3-4,
    Serial Number. 8501-07

  20. rajesh kumar says:

    sir i am rajesh kumar…16 days ago i got a mail mr rajesh kumar u have won 500000.00GBP in email id lottery 2013 through ur’s company…sur u agent said me for getting this amount u will have to pay 19500 rupees for airport clearness charge and i did accoding him……also said me this entire money will go to RBI DELHI ..whence i will get entire amont after currency conversion without any charges…suddenly another mail come from rbi delhi in my email id that u have to pay 286960 rupees pay to RBI…then after u wii deserve for this amount…really it was shocking to me….i felt like that it is fake …therfore i sent entire document information to delhi rbi helpline still they did not take any action on this matter…….so u pz help me because all said that this type lottery always fake but i do’agree with them

    EMAIL ID-rajesh kumar
    bank name-bank of india
    Ticket Winning Number (UK/0147X4/74),
    Reference Number 9-11-13-19-37-3-4,
    Serial Number. 8501-07
    Dr. JERRY MARTINS, (Payment Officer)
    Shell OIL Company Payment Department of United Kingdom,
    Contact No Tel: +448719749430

    (Information Officer

  21. sumit singh says:

    the diplomat person is benton abel
    is that real or fake. …

  22. bittu says:

    this are all fakes

  23. Arukala Sudhakar says:

    I am paid steat bank of india 24500 Mobil [redacted] year2011 please tell me

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