Another coca cola lottery scam

Official Coca-Cola response

Other Coca-Cola lottery scams.

Reader submission. No Headers provided

HEAD OFFICE: TEL: 00448719152040
Prize Redemption Center-1-Queen,
Caroline Street Hammersmith, London
W6 9HQ, United Kingdom.


We acknowledge the receipt of your mail concerning the winning notification as earlier sent to you from our Awards Department. The 2000 TO 2013 Award of Coca-Cola Company of England is no doubt, a momentous achievement in the chequered history of this Organization. Your winning fund of (£500,000.00 GB Pounds).

This is to inform you that we have completed the processing of your winning fund and all necessary approvals obtained for the payment to be made to you accordingly.

However after an emergency meeting of our board today, approval has been given for your payment to be made immediately to you without further delay through our diplomatic payment system.

The diplomatic payment system is a systems of payment were the fund will be brought to your country in DEMAND DRAFT through a diplomat and delivered to you accordingly.

The fund will be neatly packed in a diplomatic Way which will marked as diplomatic Consignment it will make it not to be checked by custom or security agencies as it is covered by diplomatic immunity.

All arrangements for the departure and arrival of the diplomat will be taken care of and concluded here as soon as we receive your confirmation email as there is no further time to waste now.

You will be informed of the details and requirements as soon as we receive your confirmation email.

For further arrangement, you are required to reconfirm the below information without any mistake to enable us to complete the process of delivery your prize without further delay.

(1) Your Prize Amount: .
(2) Your Age:.
(3) Address where the consignment is to be dispatched: . (4) Your Occupation:.
(5) Your Mobile Phone Number:..
(6) Your Home Phone.
(7) Your E-mail ID:.
(8) Your complete Full Name:..
(9) sex.
(10) Your Winning number..
(11) Your Scan Copy Of Your Identity Proof.

Note that as soon as we confirm the above information, we shall complete the proper arrangement for the delivery of your prize to you in your residence. Should you have any questions, do not fail to contact me

Do not tell people about your Prize Award until your money is successfully handed over to you to avoid disqualification that may arise from double claim.

Yours Faithfully
The Coca-Cola Company
Promo-Manager United Kingdom
0044 7010078985


2 Responses to Another coca cola lottery scam

  1. hari says:

    Hai sir my neme is Hari .DME experance 3 year maruthi suzki technchan experance

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