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Warning From the nokia website.  Click here!

Okay, let me make this perfectly clear: 


Okay I’m getting tired of this!  Stop asking me if this is real!  Stop asking where the money is!  Stop posting your damn phone numbers! It’s a SCAM, there IS NO money, these are thieves!  Get it through your thick skulls that you didn’t win ANYTHING!

I keep getting comments here saying that people have gotten SMS texts about this scam and asking if it’s true.  People, stop asking stupid questions!  For the last time, it’s not true, it’s a scam!  Don’t post here asking, just read the comments of everyone else!

A lot of people, particularly in India and Pakistan, have been getting SMS text messages promoting this scam. Do not fall for it, do not reply to these text messages! There is no money, they will do nothing but charge you a tax or a fee or a service charge, and then you will never hear from them again!

If you have given money to these people, contact the police immediately.  And kiss your money goodbye, it’s gone.  If you have given them any bank information, contact your bank immediately!  If you have given them any personal information, you’re out of luck.

If you have given them ANYTHING, what on Earth are you thinking?  You know, of course, that you have to actually ENTER a lottery before you can WIN, right?

Never, ever pay money to receive a winning prize.  not in taxes, fees, transfer costs or shipping.  If you do, you deserve to lose it.


Nokia House. Summit Avenue South wood
Farnborough Hampshire GU14 0NAG.
United Kingdom.

SCFN: UKE7/7685/010767/0112.
BATCH: 4381/2013/E7-BLX.


Welcome to the Nokia International Promotion. We have received your email regarding your claims requirement, and it was acknowledged. This continental draw was drawn from three continents, AMERICA, EUROPE and ASIA. And you are one of the lucky winners on the Nokia Mobile Award 2013.

As the claims officer of the Nokia International Promotion, I personally congratulate you as the winner from Asia. This email is to certify that you have been officially verified and approved for the delivery of your won prize by cheque, ordered by the CLAIMS PROCESSING DEPARTMENT, of the Nokia International Promotion and your winning cheque was issued by the HSBC Bank of London Nokia Payment Account, United Kingdom.


This email is to inform you that your winning cheque together with all documents that will facilitate the delivery and transfer of your won prize has been approved and parceled for delivery to you in your country India. Please bear with us our affiliated flight, Lufthansa Airline has no available flight from London (UK) to your own city, so the flight that is bringing our delivery officer will arrive at Mumbai International Airport in Maharashtra State. From Mumbai our delivery officer will take a domestic flight to your city so that both of you can go to your bank for the conversion and transfer formalities. You are require to pay for the government tax clearance duty and registration charges of your parcel on arrival at the airport, because your parcel is an International parcel coming from United Kingdom. Your parcel must be register in your country upon the arrival of our diplomat and you are to follow the instructions of our delivery officer to enable him to deliver your parcel to you and also to make sure your winning cheque is transfer into your nominated bank account when he meets with you in your city.

As soon as our delivery officer arrives in India, He will contact with you on how to meet and deliver to you. We advise you to follow his instructions accordingly because he does not know anywhere in India. Your registration number is (GWK/4578/7898834/746Y).


1) Your Winning Cheque of (£500,000 GBP)
2) Your Winning Certificate.
3) Letter of Affidavit of Claims Eligibility.
4) Letter from HSBC Bank of London.
5) Two Apple Laptops.
6) One Nokia Phone (E7 Series)

Below are the arrival details of your Winning Parcel Identification Number; (GWK/4578/7898834/746Y).

DEPARTURE: Date/Time: 20th January. 2013-10:15 PM (LONDON TIME) ARRIVAL: Date/Time: 21st January. 2013 8:45 AM (INDIA TIME)



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111 Responses to NOKIA AWARD PROMOTION 2013

  1. I recieve the message that
    i won in the nokia draws is true or scam becaused i read on the post .thank u very much.

  2. Waiting for the reply

  3. panruriya jaydeep r says:

    Name:pansuriya jaydeep r
    age:19 year

  4. It is True that there are Series of Lottery and Giving Out
    Of Cash Reward from UK.
    Unfortunately Mobile Numbers and Email Addresses of Winners
    Has been Hacked, and Winners are Now been Contacted Illegally.
    Do not respond to the senders of these Messages, as they
    Are not in Position to pay you your Winning PRIZE.
    Send your Full Name, Address, Telephone Number and Winning Message
    You received to the United Kingdom Investigation Bureau
    on so as to enable them ascertain
    if you really won the Lottery and give you true information
    on how your winnings can be Collected.
    You will also be informed if the Winning Message you Received is a Fraud Notification.

    Complaints Admin

  5. says:

    name: lal bahadur dahal

  6. Yolanda says:

    Today i’ve got an sms that i have won R165,999, so i call this person, but they told me that i must first deposit R1659 for the agent and as soon as i deposit the money into the agents acc. they will deposit the R165.999 into my acc. And i must deposit the money today. So i ask him to deposit my winning prize then they can deduced they money but he sad that he cant do that

  7. Odwa says:

    The information i found on your website helpd me 4rm being knocked by thugs bcz i recivd an sms tellng me dat av won R250.000 nd i mst contact Mr Smith the argent hence i visited ur website.tnx for such a convinient nd straight foward information.

  8. Andrew says:

    Is there a way to stop these emails? Ive gotten like 7 over the past 3 months and am tired of deleting this bull. Pretty soon Im just going to make a new email address but that is a big hassle for me as this is my main personal account. And does anyone know how exactly they got my email in the first place so I can stop it from happening again? I keep seeing they hacked it but idk what that really means, what did they hack a database with my email in it or did they hack me directly? Sorry, Im not a computer genius lol! Much appreciated!

  9. mr kunda says:

    ok mr rams from nokia uk nokia award what is next to this ….. waiting to hear from you mr yours mr kunda.

  10. samiullah says:

    Respected Sir/Ma’am
    I am Samiullah Ahmadzai from Afghanistan
    Sir, i recieved 4 sms from Nokia that u have won 270, 000 pounds, so we are sending you a chequ via Globex, & you have to contact with mr Jack Walter of Globex courier,
    So i contacted him, he in returen email me that yes we have recieved ur parcel but before delivery u have to deposit us 350 pounds for insurance of that parcel otherwise we’ll send it back to NOKIA CORPORATION,
    now plz help me what should i do, i that a fraud or its true??? the mail from ur representative Jack Walter is pasted below plz help me
    this is my Number please help me 0093789915257

    ATTENTION: Customer,

    This is to inform you that your parcel has been officially cleared for delivery by the Verifications Dept. at the headquarters of the GLOBEX COURIER SERVICE(GCS).

    The winning number and original copy of your certificate and your winning cheque valued at£270,000.00 Great Britain Pounds Sterlings, together with a covering document from the NOKIA COOPERATION PROMO BOARD will be sent to you and and your bank stating that the parcel was obtained through their promotion.

    This documents have been securely sealed and packaged which makes it impossible for any one to view its content.Be informed that our delivery mode of operation is free to your destination Afghanistan.

    But due to the diplomatic contents of your parcel,you have to insure it before delivery.

    The insurance fees is £350 great Britain pounds sterling. This is what you have to pay for insurance,as it is in line with the FINANCE AND FISCAL AUTHORITY that parcels leaving the UNITED KINGDOM,must be insured with the BRITISH INSURANCE MINISTRY. If this is not paid/done, it will be said to have violated the FEDERAL BRITISH DELIVERY RULE.

    Do get back to us in order for us to provide you with necessary details of making payment readily available for the insurance fees necessary for the delivery of your parcel.

    (24 hours delivery service)
    Many Thanks
    Mr.Jack Walters
    (Dispatch Manager)

    The information contained in this message is confidential and/or privileged. This message is intended to be read only by the person named above. The unauthorised use, disclosure, copying or alteration of this message is strictly prohibited. If you are not the addressee, (or responsible for delivery of the message to the addressee).

    • It’s a scam, you idiot.

      • Troy says:

        Could be a bit nicer in your response dude, your talking to people like a real f&$kwit.

        • “you’re” talking. . . .

          People have been mollycoddled and told it’s okay to be stupid all their lives. Enough of that. I make it perfectly clear that everything on this website is a scam, and specifically tell readers that they are not to post their private information, and yet I still have morons posting their phone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses, bank account numbers, PIN numbers, mother’s maiden names, work history, etc. When someone is that fucking stupid, they need to be told that they are that fucking stupid. You don’t like it, then start your own anti-scam blog.

          • Sonya says:

            I can’t BEALIEVE people actually fall for this ….. And even after they read all you’ve posted they r still stupid enough to still post their personal info..,, I’m sorry but they ARE STUPID … Stupid is as stupid does no wonder there’s scammer because of dumn ass idiots like all the ones that still don’t get it

      • Jan says:

        Can u be kind enough 2 inform us of wat 2 look for if a person rly has won stop telling ppl dat dey r being scammed

        • Look for mis-spelling in the message, all capital letters, email originating from a free e-mail service like gmail or yahoo. If you didn’t enter a lottery, then you can not have won. Go to the company’s website and confirm if there is indeed a lottery (There usually isn’t). And never EVER give anyone any money in the expectation of receiving your winnings. A legitimate lottery will never require money from you.

    • srinivas says:

      I am srinivas from india for wiining nokia lottery we give me ask for help send the email id is [redacted]

  11. kelli says:

    You may be aware that it’s a scam, but to call people morons and thick headed is just rude!!! some people have never had this message before and may well be excited as they REALLY need the money!! I’m hoping that you are not an actual representative of Nokia, as if you are you should, quite frankly, be fired for being so awful in your response to people out there that have received this message.

    I understand that you must get messages and questions in regards to this all the time. But if your email is listed for this purpose I would have thought a more professional approach would be suitable rather than making people feel like idiots!!

    I have received this message several times, but each time I do come and check the website, just in case.. I am not a moron or thick headed, or a fool!! But do need the money.

    Just because you understand the way in which these scams work and are dealt out does not give you the right to be demeaning and patronizing to others.

    You need learn some lessons in social skills and get the hell off this web site!! People come here for advice, not abuse!!

    I don’t really care if you come back to this message with a crap abusive reply as I don’t know you from Adam, but I just felt that all others that come here and look at your terrible responses when they’re just ‘wondering’ should know that they are not the only one who was made to feel like a total idiot due to your crassness.

    Good day!

    • My, aren’t you in a fine lather this morning?

      Let’s start from the beginning here, shall we? Go back and look at that website. See the top? It very clearly says: “If you got here through a search, then that the e-mail you’re receiving is a scam. Don’t fall for it!” Okay? Now look over at the right side. It very clearly says, “It’s a SCAM!” And goes on to say there’s no money and not to post personal information here. And if you had bothered to actually read the top of the post that you’re so worked up about, I say it AGAIN! In very large, very red letters! Now, I want to ask you, Kelli, what else can I do to alert people that this is just a scam? To what further lengths can I go? Please tell me, because I’m as frustrated as you seem to be. What else will I do to get it through to people?

      Now, I want you to tell me what on EARTH made you even consider the slightest possibility that I might be an employee of Nokia? Have you even looked around this website? I post copies of scams. They pose as investors, Lottery administrators, coca cola lottery, shell lottery, Nokia lottery, girls in refugee camps. All variations of the advance fee fraud scam. I have nearly 5000 examples of these scams here and more every day. My purpose is that someone would come here and see the exact same letter they received, and realize it’s just a scam. For some of the more popular ones, like the one you’re ranting about, I add a warning so that there’s no confusion.

      You’re quite right, many people have never seen this message. Which is why I have this page, because thousands of people every year lose thousands of dollars to these thieves. And you know what? 98% of the people who land here, actually READ the site, figure it out, say “Oh, gee, it’s a scam!” and leave. Some of them are nice enough to leave a note of thanks. I average about a thousand hits a day here, predominantly from India and Pakistan.
      But there are a few who for whatever reason refuse to read the site, refuse to take the warning, and insist on asking where their money is! These are the ones who are dumb enough to fall for this scam. These are the ones who make this scam profitable to the thieves.
      I started like you suggest, gently trying to explain to them, no, it’s just a scam, don’t do this, you will lose your money, you didn’t win. Now listen very closely: IT DOESN’T WORK! These idiots have already disregarded every warning I put on the website. They’re not prepared to listen to yet another one. They get angry with me, they get belligerent, they DEMAND their money. A few have threatened legal action if I don’t provide their money RIGHT NOW. Others post their personal information: e-mail addresses, phone numbers, addresses.
      A very few hopelessly dangerous people posted their bank account numbers, branch numbers, personal pins, routing information! AUGH! This is a public comment forum! Everything is there for someone to totally steal their identity! There’s stupid, and then there special stupid. I have two fellows, one posts his personal phone number upwards of a dozen times a day on multiple scam listings. Another insists on posting all of his bank account information and personal contact information, also about five or six times a day on multiple scam examples. This in spite of repeated warnings and explanations that what they think they’re trying to do is really, really bad. For these two I had to make a special filter that throws their comments right into the trash.

      So it’s like this: If you can’t read the site, if you can’t figure out that the Nokia lottery board is probably not going to use a gmail account for their return address, if you’re going to insist on posting personal information into a public comment forum in spite of being specifically instructed not to, I’m going to assume you’re in the lower two percentile of intelligence. If you’re that stupid, it’s time someone told you so. Interestingly enough, I don’t hear back from those folks. Being nice doesn’t get through to them. A little humiliation does. I’m not running a service center here, and I make no profit off of this. WordPress doesn’t let me advertise, or I would have monetized this site years ago. This is a public service I provide, because I think the people who perpetrate this scam should be put against the wall and shot. If you don’t like the way I deal with people who insist on being scam victims in spite of everything I do to help them, then that’s too damn bad. If you don’t want to be abused, then don’t post your stupid comments asking where your money is and putting up your personal information for everyone to steal!

      • Haggis says:

        I am with you Scruffy…..Too many people getting sucked in by clever scam artists.We need people like you on the Web to get it thru thick sculls.Keep up the good work pal. Forget those who leave silly messages criticizing your good work Aye!!

  12. kelli says:

    And I’ve just realized that you called someone a village idiot in an earlier post!! what is wrong with you ?!!

  13. alam says:


    MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS [redacted]

  14. Tracy says:

    I also got the same message that i won 90,000 pounds just wondering sha

  15. mzi says:

    To scruffy scirocco, thanks a lot man for your service. i’m from South Africa and also received a sms this morning from nokia promotions. i’ll called them as instructed by the sms and after the call my instincts told me something was up.. I Googled nokia promotions and landed on your web site.. once again thanks a lot i really appreciate it. keep it up!!

    • Greg says:

      Also recieved Nokia Promo sms . I know its a scam!!! but THANKS for your website ,Scruffy.
      These animals should be wall-shot. :D

  16. Hi. I am Thai. I got a message on 27 July 2013 at 03.00 am. You have won £350,000.00 in NOKIA AWARDS. FOR CLAIMS, send your name & mobile to:

  17. Hi. I am Thai. I got a message on 27 July 2013 at 03.00 am. You have won £350,000.00 in NOKIA AWARDS. FOR CLAIMS, send your name & mobile to:

  18. hiwi says:

    thanks a lot …u get me out of my nightmare.. i was like buying house…got sponsor for my master….cars…..ha ha ha ha i am laughing at myself.

  19. rajnath prasad says:

    hiii….i am rajnath . i got one email 8june …….u have won 500,000britis pound in nokia awards.fof clames..send addressss………………….so i ask this type sms or email right or worng……..

  20. jayjay says:

    scruffy, i would like to know what these texts and email scams mean. if they are able to get my mobile number and/or my email, does ot then not mean that they can access my personal info? so by virtue of receiving these bogus mails am i not losing something somewhere that.s too minute for me to realise? im so worried. i just wanna understand what this whole thing means.

    • Your number and/or e-mail are just shots in the dark. What they really need are your address and bank account information. That or they want to trick you into sending them money.

  21. Vijay Kumar says:

    sir meri email ide

  22. Woria says:

    Ooooh my God they just tested me that i worn 350,000 pounds and i parted with half the prize to claim my prize.You mean i lost my 150,000pounds???????????????????????

  23. pardeep pareek says:

    Sir i received email that you are win a nokia lumia 920 phone and $750,000 please sir told me that email is right so i send my name adress etc.

  24. Anele says:

    Ireceive an sms that says i won 95,000 is it true or a scam reply plz

  25. Ali Mohamed says:

    I Received it too , I Think it’s not really , and it trying to stolen our money , please all should attention from that …

  26. mukund agarwal says:

    its totally a scam. I also received a e-mail by nokia promotion award of winning 100,0000 pound and they asked my personal information on 9th july 2013. I request all the readers of this site that don’t send any information any money to them. You didn’t get any money from there so just ignore the messege and work hard to earn money and believe any prize winning messege

    • Melissa says:

      I did deposit money in to the peoples account but the day after that they sent me a sms again that I must make a payment of R2,500,this payment is for the government Tax clearance certificate on my won prize according to the South African Gaming Board of control act 2007 as enshrined in the constitution section 102 subsection 5a. .Your’s faithfully:Mrs P.Cele on 07[redacted]

  27. PNK says:

    why arent this people caught, they gave me the message today & I fell for it. I feel so stupid, to find them.

  28. sultan khan says:

    Ooh god thank you so much ,my self sultan khan I had got a message tht I have won 1 million pond British to claim send ur name,address,age ,occ thn I had send all tht information again I got the mail tht send your photo for identity and again tht scam had send tht our delivery officer will arrive 2marrow at 10 am in our country thn I he had call me also and said check ur email thn I said k whn I check he had send me the passport copy of the delivery offiser ,,,,,,,,,,,,,plz suggest me what I should do now plzzzzzzzzzz I’m confused 2marrow he is comeing itseem plz help me my contact num (85[redacted])

  29. Mailia says:

    Hello All!

    My phone blocks all unknown and blocked numbers so I received an email that I, clearly, knew was a scam! This was because it wasn’t sent as an email but it was sent as a document. I had no idea what it was so I opened it and read it. The document had no logo. I just looked like a plain word document that I can easily type up! Thankful for this website…I can share this with you:


    Also! The name of the person who sent me this message was “Amelia M Smith “. The document was signed as “Jose Morgan”. FAKE!!!!

  30. chandruumani says:

    I got a similar email like others . Without checking more about tha info I gave my prsnl nfo lke,address,etc etc. What all complications can this make? I’m dsperate to find what hppns nxt. ?

  31. chandruumani says:

    I got a similar email like others . Without checking more about tha info I gave my prsnl nfo lke,address,etc etc. What all complications can this make? I’m dsperate to find what hppns nxt. ?
    I’ve also hrd abt scambaiting on another website plz nfrm me more abt scambaiting.

  32. suresh says:

    I recieved 1 sms on 2nd august that is
    your mobile number has won (£500,000 pounds and 2 nokia – laptops) in 2013 nokia draw to claim send your name, add/ph/via – email
    please verified me it is real or fack

  33. Rendani says:

    I recieved a massage says that i won and they even gave me ticket no 0166p plz help me to know if it is a scam

  34. irshad Bukhari says:

    i have received a sms from,they said i won £1000,000 pounds ,i am confused that it is true oR false ,please tell about .

  35. Ndivhudzannyi says:

    I receive a message say congratulation your mobile number has been awarded 295 000 in nokia global promotion your ref no:052 Png. Then i call they say i want to receive my money by checque or account number then i gave them account details now i call again the cellphone is off

  36. How will you if text is scam

  37. Comments were most fun ;) says:

    Hilaious!!!!!!!!! :D

  38. binay bhuyan says:

    hie, i am binay from guwahati. i have mom and dad, right now i am the only earning member, i belong from a very poor family, i have education loan, suddenly one mail come to me that i have won 500000 great britain pound, i have to give 16000 rupees for clearence, by taking it in interest i gave it after that they told me to give 40000 rupees to transfer the winning amount ,after giving the mamount within one hour i will get my winning amount, but after waiting all the day i am not getting my money. i have lost my 56000 rupees which i took in interest from my friend, now i am depressed havily how can i returned the money to my friend, how can i alive three human being, and how can i pay bank loan, and also i am not be able to pay house rent to my land lord. now it is a situation for me to die. please help me somebody by giving some ideas to fight with them to recollect my money. i have the proof of sending the amount to them. please help.

    if someone want to help me than you can mail me to [redacted], or you can contact me at 08[redacted]/08[redacted]

  39. Thabiso tete says:

    I got a message that i have won R350 000 IS THAT True or scam

  40. badreesh prasad says:

    nokia claim centre uk
    i am resev email
    500,000,00 GBP
    nokia parmosan award email
    resev mail

  41. Frederick Wilhelm Pieterse says:

    I reseived a message: have R295,000-00 from nokia global promotion. Your ref no 0099ac. Contact the agent Mr Andrew on 073——- (i’ve got the nf. for your price, He asked me if i want the amount in my bank acc. Or per courier . I said courier and gave him mv adress. 2 hours later thev confirm that the cheque is ready to be delivered. I must fill forms on the couriers arival and pay an amount of R1499-00 for delivery.

  42. roshan says:

    Awesome.. i had a laugh going through the comments. Scruffy you are really scruffy.. but hey who wouldn’t be if you get mails like this. keep up the good work

  43. Inu Pradep says:

    Sir, this is inu pradep from kerala w/o Mr.Pradeep Kumar. My husband got a massage that he is the winner of nokia drawn promo price 3 crores 30 lacs indian money. We are very exited.but the person he who is asking to deposit 25000 k .my hus is 09[redacted]2. Is it true.or somebody is making us fools. Please reply as soon as possible. Thankfully.

  44. jaideep says:

    i got a msg that you are nominated for nokia award from uk . u win Rs500000 . it is true or false

  45. Matheus Nghivafe says:

    I receive the same saying I won $ 195,000.00 on nokia Global African promotion Ref. N2, have to send my name and bank details or choose the money to be sent through the mail, after giving choosing the mail and gave my personal details I was instructed to deposit NAD 5499 for transaction duties and clearance and that the money will be sent in 4 days.

  46. maaz khan says:

    i receive a msg from nokia promo I replied and gave my address and all that stuff they wanted and then I got a mail from globex courier it was also fake.. I have also given them my personal data but when they asked for money I didn’t replied.. So now I want to ask that what will happen.. what should I do..???

  47. Prince sheriff says:

    God bles u scruffy…I got such scam mesages too. I playd along,wen finaly dey sent me bank acount, i chekd d acount details nd den found out its fraud. I alertd d bank 2 b vigilant of wen next witdrawal is made on d acount so as 2 arest d culprit…WELDONE friend,keep up dis work. We shal always make ways of aprehending dis scamers…FBI

  48. azeezhaneef says:

    same happend to me. but i gave ma complete details


    Its a fake award there are no money.

  50. Aaqib says:

    Haha… Going through all these comments, i wonder how some people could be so dumb

  51. thirumoorthy says:

    i have wi nokia lottery report
    date of birth:08.04.1993
    phone num:8[redacted]5
    address:[redacted] ,pattukkottai thanjavur district tamilnadu state

  52. prasanth says:

    I got sms that i have won 500,000 gbp is it true or false?

  53. Can i buy nokia lumia by emi

  54. I saw message sent to my number 07036549565 that I won prize £100,000. How would I know if it is TRUE?

  55. Eric Onyeka Nwafor says:

    I’m one of the winner of nokia-uk award, my name is Eric Onyeka Nwafor, from Abuja nigeria, +23[redacted]5, [redacted]

    • It’s a scam, you idiot.

    • murali says:

      Dear Friend,Mr.Eric Onyeka Nwafor please tell the truth…R U Really Won the prize???
      because i also received mail from

      Nokia House. Summit Avenue South wood
      Farnborough Hampshire GU14 0NAG.
      United Kingdom.
      PHONE: +448712346302

  56. anson as says:

    i also had recived a msg but i havent given any money but my personal details are given is it any prblm

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