Hello My Dear,

Standard opening gambit for the Refugee girlfriend whose father was killed leaving her tons of money she needs you to help get out of the country.

Other instances of this scammer:

Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2012 19:50:21 +0000
From: Helen Kalon helengood@yahoo.com
Reply-To: helengood@yahoo.com
Subject: Hello My Dear,

Hello My Dear,

Good day my dear.How are you doing over there.Hope fine. in a short way, my name is Helen Kalon,
A girl that never married.i see your profile here and i think that you will mash my type. Waiting to see your quick reply

thanks from,
Helen Kalon.


One Response to Hello My Dear,

  1. Lollah says:

    wow, This person contacted me via Fb a few months ago asking for some kind of complicated legal assistance, thank god I didn’t fall for it, it sounds so suspicious to me. She emailed me again thanking me for an advice i gave–where I told her to hire a lawyer instead haha–offering to compensate me, that’s why I searched for her in Google, found out it’s a scam alright. tsk, this people have nothing else to do.

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