Contact Your Claim Agent With Your Details

Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2012 08:26:58 -0700 (PDT)
From: FROM UK National Lottery
Subject: Contact Your Claim Agent With Your Details
To: “undisclosed recipients”@, @MISSING_DOMAIN



Units 28 Tan Field Road Groydon London United Kingdom.

Batch Ref No: UK86/0017/01KY
File Ref No: UKNL/222489114/02

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Dear treasured winner,


The United Kingdom National Lottery in association with FIFA is pleased to announce to you today, of your winning in the release of its final draw of the International Promotions Programme of the FIFA-Brazil 2014 soccer world cup. You were selected as a winner in a random World Wide Web computerized draw system, extracted from over (100,000 000) companies and individual email addresses worldwide. The lottery programme is aimed at promoting Brazil’s 2014 soccer world cup in June 2014.

The results of our computer draw selected your name and email address attached to Batch Reference Number: UK86/0017/01KY, Ticket Number 076-00478221 with Serial Number 219 drew the lucky Winning Number 16-25-27-32-35-43-7 which consequently won the lottery grand award prize in the 2nd category draw. Therefore, you have been approved a lottery jackpot lump sum award prize winning of £1,000,000.00 (One million pounds sterling) in cash prize credited to file Ref. No: UKNL/222489114/02. This is from the total prize of £18,000,000.00 (Eighteen million pounds sterling) shared among the eighteen overseas lucky winners in this category as part of the UK National Lottery-FIFA International Promotions Programme for the fiscal year 2012.

Your award prize has been insured by the UK Treasury Department and ready for claim. To begin your claims, you are advised on once and final notice, and as a matter of urgency, to contact our Award Claims Manager quoting your winning reference details for the processing of your award winning prize and payment to your designated bank account after all statutory obligations have been concluded satisfactorily. Contact thus:

Award Claims Manager: Simon Peterson
Tel: +44-7924590303

Fax: +44-8445864750


Note: The under listed winning references must be quoted and sent in your confirmation contact or response with our Award Claims Manager and it must be sent with a clear copy of your proof of identification or passport document. Award prize claims sent with incomplete winning references and details, without proper or proof of valid identification document will not be processed.

1) Beneficiary’s Full Names (First Name, Middle Name, Surname) 2) Batch Reference Numbers
3) Serial Numbers
4) Winning Numbers
5) Award Prize (Amount) Won
6) Country of Residence, Physical and Postal Address
7) Contact Telephone, Fax Numbers and email address

Be informed that your award prize is designated to the Reference Batch Number- UK86/0017/01KY and must be claimed only by the beneficiary or registered owner of the email address. Any breach of confidentiality on the part of the winner will result in disqualification of your claim. Contact our Award Claims Manager immediately for confirmation and endeavour to quote your reference batch numbers in all your correspondences with us.

Congratulations once more on your winning and for being part of the UK National Lottery-FIFA International Promotions Programme.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Mary Wallace (Coordinator)

(Online Promo Programmed)

Units 28 Tan Field Road Groydon

London United Kingdom.

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9 Responses to Contact Your Claim Agent With Your Details

  1. doris says:


  2. Dante says:

    I received an e-mail that says i win this award. How can i know that is not a scam?

  3. Olawale says:

    I received a message that i have won a lottery a lottery done bi do i know if it is not scam.

  4. christel says:

    I received a email like that as well. But i know thats a scam.

  5. 2so says:

    I have just received this email, and i was shocked so its really a scam? I almost fell for it..

  6. Dustan says:

    I just received such a mail too….I almost believed it until I decided to google and verify if such a lottery really exists in the world……Thanks for the info I got here…..

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