shell promotion

from: steven wade
date: Thu, May 31, 2012 at 6:13 AM
subject: shell promotion

Your application has been processed. Your winning details were received and has forwarded to the CITY BANK OF LONDON for onward transfer of your winning sum.

Note that, your “winning prize” have been deposited with CITY BANK OF LONDON UNITED
KINGDOM with an Escrow Account Numbers (903-3380-1139-1), under Foreign Remittance Department.

And your Winning Prize has been insured in your name to the real value and as such “no body” has the right to make any deduction from your prize.

Therefore, you have been advise to contact the person in charge under Foreign Remittance
Department urgent for details regarding on how you winning sum will be transfer into your account.

Below is their contact information.


CONTACT PERSON: Dr.Robart Heghmann

DIRECT CONTACT NUMBER: TEL: +44 703 174 6774 FAX: +44 871 503 8403.

Endeavour to contact him urgent with the Reference Account Numbers (903-3380-1139-1)
on how your money will be transfer into your account. And always keep your winning references secretly until your Winning prize successfully transferred.

This is for security reasons and to avoid dual claim as the case may be.

Please find insurance certificate and award wining certificate attached.

Congratulations once again.

Yours in services,

Mr.Steven Wade

Tel: +44 -703-174-5545
Fax: +44 871 503 4448


The contents of this email, which may include one or more attachments is strictly confidential,
and is intended solely for the use of the named recipient (s). If you have received this
message in error, kindly notify the sender and delete this e-mail, immediately. You are
prohibited from copying or disclosing this email in any manner whatsoever if you are not the addressee hereof and such actions on your part may be unlawful.

company registered in The Netherlands with registered number 27155369 whose registered office is at Carel van Bylandtlaan 30, 2596 HR The Hague, The Netherlands.

The views, opinions, conclusions and other information contained in this email are those of
the sender and not necessarily of the SHELL, unless expressly stated otherwise and shall be understood as neither being given nor endorsed by the SHELL.

The SHELL does not warranty the integrity of this email nor that it is free of errors, viruses, interception or interference.


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