Okay, let me make this perfectly clear: 


Okay I’m getting tired of this!  Stop asking me if this is real!  Stop asking where the money is!  Stop posting your damn phone numbers! It’s a SCAM, there IS NO money, these are thieves!  Get it through your thick skulls that you didn’t win ANYTHING!

I keep getting comments here saying that people have gotten SMS texts about this scam and asking if it’s true.  People, stop asking stupid questions!  For the last time, it’s not true, it’s a scam!  Don’t post here asking, just read the comments of everyone else!

from:  BBC UK
date:  Wed, May 23, 2012 at 12:24 PM


Po Box 200, Harrogate England,
United Kingdom

Visit Our Web Site

MAY,  Draw No. BFM3783
(01) (19) (11) (32) (22) (17) BONUS (22).

Dear Winner.

      We are pleased to inform you of the BBC One National  Lottery  Award result of the just concluded annual final draws held on the  01rd  of may, 2012  by BBC  in conjunction with the British American Tobacco Worldwide Charity Bonanza Promotion Award, your Email  Address was among the 20 Lucky winners who won(£500,000, 00GBP) each on the BBC  COMPANY CHARITY  PROMOTION AWARD. 

However the results were released on the (01rd may, 2012) and your Email address was attached to ticket number (2BBCYUK21101) and ballot number (UK: 32160112) The online draws was conducted by a random selection of Email Address from an exclusive list of (19,137) Email address of individuals and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated random computer search from data base of the internet. However, no tickets were sold but all Email Address was assigned to different ticket numbers for representation and privacy. This Lottery is approved by the British Gaming Board and also Licensed by the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR).This is the 3rd of its kind and we intend to sensitize the public.
In Order to claim your winning prizes, You are required to fill the form below and send it to the Promotion manager of THE BBC  COMPANY AWARD CLAIM CENTER for verification and then you will be directed on how to claim your wining amount of (£500, 000, 00GBP) Five  Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds.

 Please you are advised to fill the form below and send it immediately to the claim manager for verification through email below for prompt collection of your winning fund.

Claim manager NameMr. JERRY TIMMINS   Tel: + 447014243962


You are required to forward your winning details via to this E-mail address: And note that you must send your{ APPLICATION FOR FUND RELEASE } to BBC Claim office  London for verification purposes to enable them release your prize award direct to your personal bank account details.


1. Full Names:……………

2. Residential Address:……

3. Mobile Number: ………

4. Occupation:……………

5. Sex:…………………………..

6. Age:……………………

7. Country:……………….

8. City:……………………

9. Marital Status:………….

10. Bank Name:…………..

11. Account No:……………

12. Branch:………………..

13. Code No.:……………..

14. E-mail:………………..     

For confirmation of your winning numbers, please ensure you check your winning details on our website which given below

Claims Manager,


Tel: + 447014243962


plans to increase the allocation of lottery funds to sporting causes. Photograph: Chris Jackson/Getty     


Hugh Robertson, the Minister for Sport and the Olympics,



  1. turbo says:

    its a scam… all stupid nuts are trying their hard luck to fool innocent people… but they’ll suffer for that…I also recieved such emails.. its all shit…

  2. Rajat kumar saini says:

    sir i am rajat kumar saini from india my winning lottry price 500,000. british pound contect no.AQ11WWRZZA1 and electronic ticket no.918509561100060,winners number 3. you tall me about this lottry sceem now

  3. Ginoya piyush k. says:

    sir i am ginoya piyush k. from india my winning lottry price 500,000. british pound contect no.AQ11WWRZZA1 and electronic ticket no.918509561100060,winners number 3. you tall me about this lottry sceem now

  4. faruque ahmed says:

    dear sir my name is faruque ahmed.sir one emil coming from bbc lotairi.i winer pound.sir this is tru or not.please you cheek.

  5. vishal patel says:

    dear sir my self vishal patel from gujarat. one email bbc lottery won the 500, 000.00 gbp in uk. and i have talk to his reprasentative mr. john bruch in delhi, india he told me that registration fees indian rupess( 21000/-) so that is totally froad

  6. amit kumar budhia says:

    iam recive sms in 88[redacted]
    sms is wining bbc award 2012
    so confrom me in my email address

  7. abinash sahoo says:

    How can i receive money to you.

  8. Suman Acharjya says:

    I am a good student and i need money to complete the B ed and D ed course. Please give this money.


  10. bakai says:

    This are all sucks using the name of BBC company. If real then why not confirm it first from the BBC company?

  11. emmanuel says:

    I was sent a massage on my mobile phone to have won the sum of £50,000 but i dnt know if it true am from Nigeria

  12. name is jaga bhai devand im winning (5,00000.00)to give me my prize pleas my email id [redacted] reply pleash.

    • You are an idiot. Everything you see here is a scam.

      • sunny sharma says:

        i sir my self sunny sharma from india my mobile is 9[redacted]. i also found this type mail from BBC lottery. i send all information that they said in email. nexet day their deplomat mr. Olin Kezevizo Goyari said me i am in india and u paid 21000 charges i also have their a/c no and mobile no and email address. i just want to stop this type fucing theing to cheat poor people all over world so please stop their email a/c, mobile no. and also block their bank a/c.

        so plese mail me to get email address, mobile no. and bank a/c


  13. aditya bhargava says:

    pl conform the the detail this drew
    THE DRAW NUMBER: 1690.
    TICKET NUMBER: 07,20,23,28,31,40,42, BONUS 19.
    aditya bhargava

  14. Simon tudu says:

    is it true that i have won bbc award.i am in doubt.

  15. Venkataramann says:

    Hi friends my self Venkat 4m Chennai India,I also received a similar mail today morning.
    FYI : BBC-LOTTERY-_BOARD_E-mail_DRAW_04 _17 _23_ 24_30_ 35_2012_uk_Bonus
    Is this trur…

  16. Asda says:

    Dear sir i have received this email about my winning the toyota jeep is that true pls confirm me….
    Your Batch No 515944052/166 and Winning No 1544 make you as one of the lucky winner in our Charity bonanza and you are advice to keep the information of your winning confidential.

  17. Lokeshdaniel says:

    pleas do no cheating
    my dotar wed no many pleas help me alrede my email selaltede bot

  18. praveen tekmal says:

    Draw no1732 07 10 22 29 43 44 bonus26 plz sent my wining money ok.

  19. Jayashri says:

    Hello sir,
    This is Jayashri, It is to inform you that your company awarded my email ID lootery 500,000 GBP Is it true?

  20. manjula says:

    i’m manjula i receive email from bbc you are winning 500000gbp and i lost my amount of Rs236000 so please sugest me how to recovery that amount please tell me

  21. nethra says:

    hi sir
    i’m nethra why you are not take auction about this scam and fraud

  22. Syed Usman says:

    sir i have also received email from bbc company and i’m happy to see this email bcz i’ in big problem and this money solve my problem but i dn’t knw is this true or fraud can u plx plxx help me to answer me here is the detail:Draw 1780 bonus 13..plxx tell me i’m waiting

  23. kev. says:

    I got E mail aswell saying i won 250.000.000. yeah right. Just deal with the fact there are idiots out there, not just the one”s scamming but also the one”s that beleive it. TOP MAN Scruffy.

  24. sateesh says:

    Hi Guys,

    These are all scam emails and don’t give any personal details. Even i have received same but i have not respond because i have received same type of emails many times…I appreciate you Scruffy…you are doing good……..Without doing anything luck will not come to your door….


  25. bhagya says:

    hatrappa… its all fake… bbclottery is a scumbag…..

  26. This is to inform you that your Email Address has won you Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds (500,000.00 GBP) in the 2013 BBC UK Email Award which was organized by BBC COMPANY , every (1) yr. in UK.

  27. subhashini says:

    sir,i have sent my details as they told me that i have won the prize money.please inform me that anything goes wrong from now

  28. Mure.Amaranatha Reddy says:

    sir my name is M.Amaranatha Reddy i received an e-mail from BBC claim lottery UK that message content is my email address was won 5 thousand pounds of great btitan is there any chances to fraud please tellme..

  29. sir my name is SWAGAT CHATTERJEE Reddy i received an e-mail from BBC claim lottery UK that message content is my email address was won 5 thousand pounds of great btitan is there any chances to fraud please tell me.THEY TELL US 18.02.2012 MR. MIKE LUIS

  30. Rahul says:

    Scurffy Scirocco, then y r they sending this emails??

    • Because there are enough really stupid people in this world who will believe this and send them money to collect their “winnings.” Some people have lost thousands of dollars trying to collect winnings that never existed.

  31. J ferreira says:

    I got a email stating I’ve won150000,00 british pounds sterling on this year2013. Claim code:JCIL .It said I must contact the claims manager via email Can u help me .my email address is…[redacted]

  32. sione says:

    fk off with ur scam

  33. diong says:

    haha its a do i win wat i dnt knw;dnt sufa 4 or play..if a NIGERIAN tel u its a scam belive it..cause i received d same mail through spam not even inbox u now c why i say so…ATTENTION-pls copy n spread this:dnt ever give them your accnt no_else they wil drain ur money…IF U WANT TO MAKE MONEY GENUINE ONLINE EMAIL ME @[redacted]

  34. Ifesantos says:

    Sir I was send that your e mail has won you 1,500,000.00 GPB is it true because they told me that I should send my account number to them. It is true

  35. lokeshdaniel says:

    i do a charitabal tracte.i want to the many £500,000.00GBP
    please sent the many [redacted]

  36. Quickly send……..

  37. URMILA DEVI says:

    mera aya hai kaise e-mail karu

  38. URMILA DEVI says:

    i win bbc uk award. 2.6 caror. name urmila devi, phone no 960[redacted], add. [redacted], jharkhand in india, sex famale, age 36 year old. plz give my mony. i m poor lady

  39. Reshma says:

    I recived msg from bbc that u won 2. cr n laptop n claimed with that u charges some 21500 so it really true or fake

  40. m. shafique says:

    dear sir i,m wining gbp 500,000.00 in award this is a true or fake

  41. Ibanisha C Kharkylliang says:

    Sir, i’m Ibanisha from Meghalaya, India. Yesterday i receive a message that my mobile No had won the lottery of £350,000.00 (Three hundred and fifty thousand pounds) when i saw it i’m so excited that i gave them all my info and my A/C No also, what shall i do now plz suggest me plz reply.

  42. Badhan Sarkar says:

    Where is my money???

  43. shams says:

    sir i got a message like this (your mobile no have won 500,000GBG in bbc mobile lottery draw uk, to claim send name, add, age etc…) is it true or fake

  44. paul mathew says:

    hai this is Paul i gave ma bank to these guys is thr any harm with tht …..will they hake ma account..

  45. Dear manager I was claim fora award which i praud of being one of luky winner which among 20 luky winners on 01 may 2012 Awarded by Bitish American Tobaco warldwiwe which was500,000.00GBP The BBC COMPANY AWARD CLAIM CENTER.


    Mr Henry Kibelion Cherop po box [redacted]/[redacted] kabarnet kenya and call no 072[redacted]/071[redacted] my ocupation is millers male sex which age 30yrs marry fridha with two douders Marcy and Sasha and iam Kenyan mya city is Nairobi bank is KCB Branch kabarnet kenya account 111[redacted] code [redacted][redacted] claim for pound 500,000.00gbp award

  47. ashwin says:

    m from i received sms from bbawards live event 2013. That i have won 750,000 gbp .

  48. HENRY KIBELION CHEROP PO BOX[redacted] Ocupatioo poshomill age30yrs Iam married with two kids passpord [redacted]phone no [redacted] bank is Kbc account [redacted]

    • Great job, idiot. Post every fucking piece of information a thief needs to steal your identity right here on a public comment forum. Any other dumbass stunts you want to pull?

  49. roopsingh chouhan says:

    Sir I’m roopsingh chouhan from india.Sir I received an email.It saying that you have won “500,000.00 GBP”
    In the 2013 ‘BBC EMAIL AWARD’which was organized by BBC COMPANY.Sir I want to know that is this true.Sir I’m waiting for your response.Sir I also sent an application form which is need for payment of prize and claim.Thanks.
    My ticket winning number (UK/0147X4/74),
    Reference number 9-11-13-19-37-3-4,
    Serial number. 8501-07

  50. Sir I Had Received a mail that i won lottery…..
    and the Reference number is
    Serial Number is 8501-07….
    the payment officer is terry cole………

    Please reply me about this sir

  51. hey u all f**cking idiots..just go through the article before posting this kinda stupid questions…..

    and Scruffy Scirocco… appreciate the initiative u have taken….ur kinda persons are one in a million out there…

  52. abin says:

    i got a mail that i won 50,000,00 gbp. is it fake ?

  53. mohangamit says:

    please check mwy datail in 2BBC LOTTARY,UJJK W

  54. raj goswami says:

    one sms comes to me for your company, i want to know that it is actually or anyone fraud with me, this email required to name, adress, sex, age and promise me to give 2.5 crore rupee or many prizes

  55. Vijay singh Dewda says:

    Hello sir, i am vijaysingh dewda. i am winner bbc luck draw (500.00.00)GBP This process i diposit (65000)Ruppis. but my money not to return. This amount diposit reserve bank of india. so please request chek this proces and help me.

    • I’m sorry, but you’ll never see any of your money again, because this was a fraud from the start for the express purpose of stealing money from you. You should have known from the start this was a fraud when you won a lottery that you never entered. If you had looked at the return addresses, they were all from free e-mail services like gmail, AOL or yahoo. You are the reason these people keep doing this scam and bothering the rest of us. I’m sorry you got scammed, but your own greed did it to you.

  56. kailash m gupta says:

    my mobile number 88[redacted] is winner for bbc mobile award for 2013

  57. Abinash das says:

    Dear sir,i have a message from your company that i have win 500000 pound in bbc online mobile nd draw to claim the money .so i request u kindly contact name is abinash das.
    Phone no.87[redacted]
    My email id_[redacted]
    Plz contact me.plz plz plz.

  58. truthful man says:

    kontha mandhi anduthuna drama edhi ………
    vaka vela meru me information chapthe …………
    chivarikr ki megiladhe chepae………..
    nathina gudeeeeeeeeeee

  59. Ankit A Dasani says:

    i m Ankit Dasani winner of BBC LOTTERY PROMOTION.i received mail. for winning amount (£400,000.00)& SAMSUNG GALAXY S3, (WITH 16GB) Win, is it real ??
    and if yes so please send any valid proof for check your organization is authorized (not fake).
    and my personal and bank details is secure

  60. Banasree Barui says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have received a email I have won 500,000.00 GBP at 4th september 2013 In the 2013 bbc promo email award which was organized by bbc one national lottery.Ticket winning number: UK/0147X4/74/,Reference number: 09-06-26-57-33-40,Serial number: 1830.Is this true?

  61. Abhinav says:

    For God Sake,,,, please awake & be aware my dear fellow CITIZENS!!! These people are just phishing the innocent residents……… These fellow friends make you believe that the things happening are true but NOTHING IS LIKE THAT,,guys.

    I would also like to suggest something to those peoples involved in this SCAM that be a “MAN” or real “WOMAN”. What is in it ?? Penny earned by your honesty would definitely serve you and your family upto the CENTURY.. or more… else Zesus will punish you rightly…

    GOOD LUCK to all – “GOOD & EVILS”

  62. uddhav says:

    my name uddhav b.bharshankar
    please send dd my winning priz sbi bank state bank of india
    a/c no [redacted] br bori dist parbhni maharastra india
    i am verry poor man i need a payment my son hart pesent
    big oprestion and big amount oprestion fee 420734 four lack twinty thausand seven handred thirty four
    i am not posibal so please dd my winning priz ok thanks

  63. Ravi Babu says:

    Blady scam…………………what u say Scruffy Scirocco

  64. dinesh says:

    i am Dinesh as all saying iam also got same e-mail ..i gived replyed filled that details and send back to bcc address one person call me and said he came to delhi airport and waiting for giving money and gifts to receive that gifts he said me to pay rs.23000..why sir like this cheating us..

  65. nurul alam says:

    All those motherfucker thieves ………..just making fool of the others

  66. prabu says:

    one mail recd 500 british bounds winning..i m fil the detail and then rbi one application send and calling one person you win the amount u wil pay 18600 rs..and then transfer ur account..this is true or fraud..pls ans me? i m vry confused

  67. sreekath says:



  68. Bharat Sundeha says:

    shala! India walo ko murkh banata hai! Its time west!

  69. Bharat Sundesha says:


  70. kanan says:

    please dont send me this kind of mail ,so many fraud cases come to by mail….

  71. naveen says:

    thankzz for select me

  72. arun agrawal says:

    is site is true or not
    reply me fast…

  73. Steffi says:


    This is wad I received on 15th March as an SMS n I unknowingly did reply to them can u plz help me by giving me some suggestion to get out of this scam please

  74. Noor says:

    dont belive that email

  75. MIR MUDASIR says:


  76. S.Debbarma says:

    Swad :- My question is that is there any lottery of email which was conducted by the bbc one or any other company from a Data Base of internet users?

  77. Pavan says:

    I received mail from bbc you won 50 thousand pounds please tel me it is write or wrong

  78. Mudasir says:

    i get a mail from bcc 500000 GBP IS THIS TRUE IR FALSE

  79. subrata das says:

    Educational Money please help

  80. dipak patel says:

    I received mail from BBC CLAIM CENTRE UK.
    I need to know is true 0r fake?

  81. sakthivel says:

    i have loss in Rs 60,000 my money please help return the my money

    • Mukesh Dandriyal says:

      hi have lost my 500000 (5 lacks ) also.can u return .


      On Thu, Oct 1, 2015 at 11:04 PM, Caught in the Act wrote:

      > sakthivel commented: “i have loss in Rs 60,000 my money please help return > the my money”

  82. Helpyou says:

    Why not contact BBC One : The National Lottery via Email:-

  83. boby lodhi says:

    Plz pay my money

  84. deepthi says:

    can i know is this mail real

  85. chandu says:

    this is fake……..fraud prize .

  86. Dickey says:

    I too got this damn mail.Isnt there away to stop those fradulent from cheating innocent people and get theae thieves arrested..

  87. nitesh says:

    Dear sir,
    My email id [redacted] is coming last year i.e in 2016.plse let mi know it is true?

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