Royal Bank of Scotland Plc

chapter 4 of the Charose Diop saga
from: Executive Officer of Royal Bank of Scotland
to: [redacted]
date: Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 3:35 AM
subject: Royal Bank of Scotland Plc

Royal Bank of Scotland Plc
RBS | The Royal Bank of Scotland | Personal banking | Personal banking and personal finance from the Royal Bank of Scotland | Digital Banking – Current accounts – Credit cards – Savings.
RBS | The Royal Bank of Scotland | Personal banking | Personal banking and personal finance from the Royal Bank of Scotland | Digital Banking – Current accounts – Credit cards – Savings.
RBS | The Royal Bank of Scotland | Personal banking | Personal banking and personal finance from the Royal Bank of Scotland | Digital Banking – Current accounts – Credit cards – Savings.

RBS Logo

RBS Logo

RBS Branch London. Royal Bank of Scotland Group 36 St Andrew Square Edinburgh, Scotland EH2 2YB United Kingdom
Transfer Officer :Mr. Edward Bono.
Tell +447035931142

Attention Sir.
I am the director of foreign operations and International fund wires transfer of Royal Bank of Scotland Plc and I am writing to you in respect of your mail and the nomination letter/fund transfer request from Miss Charose Diop that she wishes you to be her trustee and representative for the claim of her late father’s deposit with our bank.

Late Dr. Patrick haruni was our late customer with The Comfirmable account informations below Name of depositor:……..Dr. Patrick Diop
Nationality:…………………..Ivory coast
Next of kin :Miss …………Miss Charose Diop
Amount deposited:……..$5.5 millions Dollars.
IBAN Number; ……………RBS29 0019 0020 9840 1021 7832
Routing Number;…………RBSV801-890-0330
Account Number:………..0100000350930001
Fund Deposit File No………PS101454/RBS/7908 refers.
ACCOUNT OFFICER………….Mr. Edward Bono

And a substantial amount deposited with our bank.Hence you have been appointed as a trustee to represent the next of kin to this deposit of late Dr. Charose Diop .However you have to present to our bank the below listed informations and documents before our bank will make the transfer of the fund belonging to our late customer late Dr. Patrick Diop to your nominated bank account.

1. You have to get a power of Attorney and(2) Affidavit of oath permitting you to stand as a representative / Trustee to the next of kin to the deposit of late Dr. Patrick Diop with our bank. This power of Attorney and Affidavit documents must be prepared and endorsed by a Senegalese resident lawyer. Due to the next of kin’s refugee status in the present country where she reside of which our bank have been informed.

2. You are required to confirm and send to us your telephone for easy communications and notification of the transfer schedules.

3.You are advice to re-confirm and forward to us your bank account details and contact information, your real name as our bank will not be held responsible for any mis-transfer of fund to un-authorized bank account as a result of mistake from you.

4. The death certificate of late Dr. Patrick Haruni (Her deceased father) confirming the death.

5. A copy of Deposit Certificate of the account issued to Dr. Patrick hDiop by our bank.

Finally On the receipt of the above documents/informations with satisfactions we shall process your claim and make the transfer of the fund to your nominated bank account under 72hours.

This guarantee is Subject to Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (1993 Revision). ICC Publication No. 500(latest revision).
We sincerely apologize to you for any inconvenience and we promise to offer our customers the best of our services.

Thank for your cooperation

Please do not hesitate call +447092898306 +447035938058 . or by E-mail at ( Account officer Email. ( more directive/clarifications .

Note: The attachment is the original copy of the Acknowledgment/Procedure. Stephen Hester

Best wishes.
Mr. Edward Bono,
Principal Manager
Foreign Payment Dept
( Transfer Department)
Royal Bank of Scotland Plc

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This message and its attachment, if any, are confidential a nd may contain legally privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender (ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND UK PLC) immediately and delete this message and its attachment, if any, from your system. You should not copy this message or disclose its contents to any other person or use it for any


46 Responses to Royal Bank of Scotland Plc

  1. greg says:

    yes unfortunately i got caught up in the whole scheme so much that i actually sent my id (is this a problem)and was making preparations to sent money over their this sounded real to me and i like to help people but do not like to get robbed i’ll add the name you can erase it if you like Miss Ruth Wahab father late Dr Morris Agab Wahab Miss Wahab is living in a refugee camp and need my help to be a trustee for her late father to process the necessary documents to get access to the 3.5 million so that she can come over here sound familiar thank you so much for opening my eyes to those evil people will not fall for any more stories again

    • Mamady Conde says:

      mr j’ai été contacter par une jeune fille du nom de TINA YAYA SOLO qu’elle est la fille de DR yaya solo qui est l’un de vos client et dépositaire d’une somme de 6.700.000 dollars a son nom mais elle cherche un partenaire étranger pour transférer le fonds au compte de la personne donc elle est tomber sur moi.svp aider moi car j’ai contacter la banque une personne ma répondu du nom de MR TONY PALMER qu’il a été designer comme un agent de transfert du fond a mon compte aider pardon car les gents là son bien organiser

      • ous savez que c’est arnaque, non?

        Cesser immédiatement contact avec ces gens, ils sont de vulgaires voleurs. Ne pas en aucun cas leur donner de l’argent. Si vous leur avez donné de l’argent ou des informations personnelles comme des informations de compte bancaire, alors contacter votre police locale.

    • nyangena edwin says:

      pplease help mi knw about miss kate mabi daughter to the late dr anderson mabi from ivory, she wants mi 2 be her trustee 2 witdraw her fathers money, plz let mi knw if am being fooled. Thanks

  2. Folarin oye's says:

    Hi dear sir this is folarin i want to assist a young girl named miss grace maxwell daughter of late mr patrick maxwell she wanted me to assist her to transfer the amont about to 6.5 milloin us dollar to my account in my country and the anount was deposited by the her late father mr patrick maxwell which is died with the account number (RB343108701364QB/71/SB) i want to know that is your travsfer chive emil address and name that she said to me it is right or no please reply to me on my emil [redacted] or call me 08[redacted]. Pls god will be with us.

  3. doudou kasongo says:

    Hi i’m DOUDOU kASONGO i want know if you have sent an email to me to confirm that one Lady ‘s name is Mirbel sinko for asking tranfer the money in my account . if is true tell me i want know your fairthfully

  4. Salisu musa jibril says:

    Sir i want to know the possibility of helping cynthia andrew edward that her dad was your customer b\4 he died, she ask me to b her trustee the amount deposited is $6.9 m us dollars, which she is the next of kin and i want stand for her(08[redacted])

  5. sir, kindly assist me to know if this is scam. A girl by name of Maureen Weah the daughter of Dr Mark G Weah of Liberia. She wants a partner to help her claim $3.8 US dollar deposited by her late father, account number 745008901546. please help me out this scam.

  6. Letsa Christopher says:

    This girl Miss Maureen Cole want me to asist her transfer her late father money into my account.
    Account name :Dr Francis Cole
    Next of kin : Miss Maureen Cole.
    Account No : BLB745008901546/QB/91/B
    Swiht no :RBS8849+56885/QB4/K57.
    Deposit code no :RBS/G8045.
    Transfer oficer :Dr Brian Wilston
    I will like know if there is any account like this.

    • There is no such account. I guarantee you that this is a scam, and they will ask you for money to complete the transaction. NEVER give these people any money, and NEVER give them any personal information that they can use to steal your identity.

  7. oke ikokide says:

    One miss loveth jack toure is on my neck to assist her with draw her father’s money…with dis account details is she real..?
    NAME OF DEPOSITOR:-Dr Jack Toure
    NATIONALITY:-Ivory Coast
    ACCOUNT NO:-FW/026004093
    BENEFICIARY:-Miss Loveth Jack Toure
    TYPE OF ACCOUNT:-As family valid t. Files
    PURPOSE OF DEPOSIT:-Safe keeping

  8. Siphelo Mntuyedwa says:

    Im in da middle of that scam and wise enough now.My refugee girl goes by the name Loveth Jack Toures and the late father Dr Jack Toures left sum $4,5m and since im outside I will have to contact the bank and receive the funds as a trustee chosen by her…hahahahahaha I don’t fall that easy

  9. Andeson obanor says:

    please is lady called indang weah in the camp in senegal


    Sir Stephen Hester,
    it is a great pleasure to write you sir. in regards to the information pass across to me by one Miss Rita whose father’s name is late Anthony Toure the father has an account no RBS [redacted] in your Bank.Miss Ritain several occasion has communicated with me over e_mail to assist her receive a funds valued at $7.5million dollars which her late father deposited with your bank.I do hereby demand that accarding to advise of miss Rita that this bank should grant our reguest by transfering the said funds into my account in my country, I will appreciate if my reguest is urgently granted.thanks.

  11. Sumatra says:

    I just had a laugh of a life time really….it’s a scam scam scam…wow

  12. Ishaku adamu says:

    I had the same kind of mails in my inbox. I discovered that they are scammers who are trying to rob others by all means.

  13. davie gerald says:

    i already gave them ma numbers and address..what they are going to do?

  14. rogders says:

    any account by this name???? dr anderson mabi

  15. sphiwe says:

    I was sent the same e-mail by the scammer. I dont no if is a man pretending to be a woman, but she sad to me that she is ms tessy jack toure from dakar,senegal. And she know have my contacts and my address


    Thanks for the enlightenment about does 419 people who are deceiving themselves in the name of looking help.

  17. Vezokhrolo venuh says:

    It is a great pleasure to write you in regards to the information pass across to me by one Miss Juliet whose father’s name is late Dr. Fatah Younis and that the father has an account no:(A/C No, RBS-776254997404 /QB/91/A.) in your Bank. Miss Juliet in several occasion has communicated with me over E-Mail to assist her receive a funds valued at $6.5 million dollars which her late father deposited with your Bank. I do here by demand that according to advise of Miss Juliet that this bank should grant our request by transferring the said funds into my account in my country,I will appreciate if my request is urgently granted.

  18. namal Chathuranga says:

    can i know.victoria grelon

  19. Dastain says:

    I just wonder why all the nexts of kin are women or girls..I have really realised that these fools are fuckin robs wth no great planns…the name keeps flowing he really dead?

  20. bapu kan das says:

    Please contact me

  21. Elias says:

    I was also mailed about this scam from Dakar Senegal she named her self Vic. mabi

  22. Shawn says:

    Sandra apia scam or real girl has not asked to transfer anything just wants to know if I will give her a place to stay and help her get her citizenship

  23. John Nicolas says:

    please help me! there is a girl called Eiliyah Hamza who had told me that she is a refugee in the camp of Senegal and she wants me to be his trustee so that I can help her to transfer the money of his father who had died. she sent to me her refugee id and the death certificate of her father in order to trust her. unfortunately I have started to trust her until I sent to her my information related to my bank account. please what can I do to stop that girl?

  24. nicole godson says:

    i need information please

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