Coca-Cola Company Prize Redemption Center

Other Coca-Cola lottery scams.

Official Coca-Cola response

Okay, let me make this perfectly clear: 


Okay I’m getting tired of this!  Stop asking me if this is real!  Stop asking where the money is!  Stop posting your damn phone numbers! It’s a SCAM, there IS NO money, these are thieves!  Get it through your thick skulls that you didn’t win ANYTHING!

I keep getting comments here saying that people have gotten SMS texts about this scam and asking if it’s true.  People, stop asking stupid questions!  For the last time, it’s not true, it’s a scam!  Don’t post here asking, just read the comments of everyone else!

A lot of people, particularly in India and Pakistan, have been getting SMS text messages promoting this scam. Do not fall for it, do not reply to these text messages! There is no money, they will do nothing but charge you a tax or a fee or a service charge, and then you will never hear from them again!

If you have given money to these people, contact the police immediately.  And kiss your money goodbye, it’s gone.  If you have given them any bank information, contact your bank immediately!  If you have given them any personal information, you’re out of luck.

If you have given them ANYTHING, what on Earth are you thinking?  You know, of course, that you have to actually ENTER a lottery before you can WIN, right?

Never, ever pay money to receive a winning prize.  not in taxes, fees, transfer costs or shipping.  If you do, you deserve to lose it.

Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2011 06:46:57 +0700
Subject: Coca-Cola Company Prize Redemption Center

coca-Cola Company Prize Redemption Center
2011 Coca-Cola Asia Pacific Promotions Rewards
16/18 Phra Arthit road Phra Nakhon 10200,
Bangkok, Thailand.

BATCH NUMBER: Feb / ad-01/2011.

This is to inform you that you have won a prize money of Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Pounds Sterling (750,000.00 GB Pounds) for the 2011 International E-mail Draw which is Organized by The Coca-Cola Company Promotions Department (CCCPD). You are among the winners in a random world wide web computerized draw system, extracted from over a million companies and individual email address of the people that are active online. Six people are selected yearly to benefit from this promotion and you are one of the Selected Winners.


Winners shall be paid in accordance with his/her Settlement Center. Coca-cola Award must be claimed not later than 30 days from date of Draw
Notification. Any Prize not claimed within this period will be forfeited. Stated below is your identification number:


This number fall’s within the South East Asia Region Location, you are requested to contact our fiduciary agent in Bangkok, Thailand.

Name : Mr. Andrew Tan
Email :
Tel : +(66)812586907

Please, Kindly email to him with the following information for Verification of your Prize;

Full name…………………………
Marital Status…………………….
Telephone Home / Mobile ……………..
E-mail address…………………….

He shall immediately commence the process that will facilitate the release of your fund to you. Congratulations to you;

Yours in service,

[Publicity Secretary]


51 Responses to Coca-Cola Company Prize Redemption Center

  1. anitha says:

    Coca-Cola Great Britain
    1 Queen Caroline Street
    Hammersmith London
    W6 9HQ

    Dear Lucky winner..

    BATCH NUMBER:74/44319/JPMM
    PIN NUMBER:*124*#

    I am Mr. Harry Thompson the claims director of the Coca-Cola E-mail sweepstakes programme. This mail is to officially inform you about the authenticity/legitimacy of this award and also bring to your notice once again that it was your email address that was randomly balotted/ selected and emerged you a lucky winner of Seven Hundred And Fifty Thousand Great British Pound Sterlings {750,000.00 GBP} in our on going 2011 Coca Cola E-mail Hot Pick sweepstakes programme.

    We rolled out over £16,000.000.00 (sixteen million Great Britain pounds)for our 124th anniversary draws. All participants were select through a computer ballot system drawn from 500 Email websites from Australia,New Zealand,North America,Asia and Africa as part of the international promotions program, which is conducted annually in Britain, London.This promo is approved by the British Gaming Board and licensed by the international association of gaming regulators (IAGR).To file for claim, fill out the information required in the verification form and establish contact via e-mail between the hours of 8.00am-7.30pm on Monday through Saturday.

    I wish to formally announce to you that you have successfully pass the requirements, statutory obligations, verifications, validations and satisfactory report Test conducted for all online winners.Your winning verification process is completed and an International Certified Bank Draft of the HSBC BANK,Winning Certificate,Clear source of Funds Certificate and other documents has been issued out in your name for remittance to you.

    It is our usual practice to carry out a routine verification about the custom policy of a country before embarking on international delivery so as to avoid complications. Be informed that the custom in your country has made us understand that your won prize parcel needs to be cleared at the airport and the entry/custom clearance fee of 25,000 Indian Rupees needs to be paid by the prize owner.This is because the winning amount which we are bringing to you is a very huge sum and at such requires a customs registration and legal clearance/approval.

    According to the United Kingdom Lottery Board policy,all extra expenses and fee out of England that may arise should be paid by the winner as the lottery board does not make provision for any extra expenses/fee that may likely arise outside the U.K on remitting the prize to winners/beneficiary.This is in accordance to the United Kingdom Lottery Policy to avoid misappropriation of funds which also prohibits/forbids alteration,deduction from your amount before it is remitted to you.As an international winner, you are only required to pay the customs Duty/Clearance charges in your country.This was made known to us by the Indian Customs Authority.



    We advice you to maintain strict confidentiality of your WINNING NOTIFICATION and the ENTIRE CLAIMS PROCESS until the verification process has been completed and your cash remitted.This is part of our security protocol to AVOID DOUBLE CLAIMS WHICH COULD LEAD TO CANCELLATION OF FUNDS REMITTANCE/CLAIMS PROCEDURES.Quote your registration order number as O2-05OPR442-RSPT in all correspondence.We also urge you to keep your pin numbers confidential. Accept my congratulations once again on behalf of the entire COCA COLA EMAILS HOT PICK Promotions Board.

    Mr. Harry Thompson
    Director,Claims/Verification Unit.
    Tel: +447010049744
    London -United Kingdom

    Copyright©.All rights reserved

  2. SMA Ahmed says:

    Sir I Recved Mail from Coca cola winning prize , bank . and loyer pls tell me ist all true .


    Sir I Recved Mail from Coca cola winning prize , bank . and loyer pls tell me ist all true .

  4. kanwal hussain says:

    its fakeee

  5. Abdullah says:

    if it is FAKE, so what possible actions should we take against it?

    • Just spread the word, like I’m doing. If everyone knows, then the scam won’t work, and they’ll go away.

    • akbar ali says:

      the same was happened to me, the same questions, is this kind of mailing are from the company coca cola representative to us, if it why company allow the permission to do, and how can we make actions against them,

  6. Rachit says:

    I got that sms and i send them my mobile number to them and they call what should i do

  7. ayesha says:

    its fake ….

  8. cedrus says:

    unfortunately i gave my adress, email & cell no… & im xtreme upset! what to do plz help!

  9. cedrus says:

    what the hell is this all!! scrammersssssssssssss!!! please hav a hell control upon them!

  10. sadiqkhan says:

    i have received your email that i win the prize of 1000(GBP) from coca cola company is it true or folt

  11. akbar ali says:

    i have received email from coca cola great britain, that i have won the 950,000 (nine hundred fifty thousand great britain pounds, what the hell is and i send the complete information, what should i do if they send me again the mail,

    • sudarmi says:

      i’ve got same emails too.. and not sure is it true or scam..

    • sudarmi says:

      i’ve received that message by sellular phone number yesterday, at october 26’2012 , and follow step by step, until they send my form. just dont know what shouls i do?

  12. Rizwan Ali says:

    i have rec’d email coca cola2012 COCA-COLA WORLD PACIFIC PROMOTION REWARDS pls conf the my contect.number 92-321-[redacted]

  13. ali . t says:

    hi every body have a good time i am ali from iran Last night I came to At that moment I realized that it is a scam I’ve never heard of such a thing ever Thank you for giving me more tips

  14. areena khalid says:

    ive given my name, address, phone worried! what to do? is it harmful ? dint give any more info though!

  15. areena khalid says:

    plzzzzzzzzz reply me asap! thanks

  16. jahanzaib says:

    coco cola is a registered trademark why don,t you case against them in the court.

  17. sevti says:

    f>>>k i have given my personal information !!!!WTF

  18. Komal Zafar says:

    this all is just nothing…!!

  19. marie therese drummond says:

    I have jus recieved the scam email and its very convincing. best one i have seen yet. Lucky i am smarter not to give over my bank details not that silly but these emails are good. Jus hope u silly ppl dont fall for them. Yes was hoping that i won alot off money. Dont understand how they got my email ?? there should be more date protection online.

  20. Amir Sohail says:

    Dear Sir, I have also received such email few months back and i knew that it is a fraud and didnt reply them, but they keep on sending me mails. now last night they said that our diplomat is coming to your country on 14th july 2013. with your prize and you have to give him airport clearance fee $3500. I know this is fraud, but what i have to do? please guide meat your earliest. . Thanks. Regards, Amir

  21. jayanthan says:

    i also got a mail from this address.
    Prize Redemption Center – 1 Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith, London W6 9HQ, United Kingdom.
    is this true?
    can i beleive it?

  22. M Abdul Awal says:

    I have received msg to my mobile , mail from, that I have won many USD is it Right? Inform me please.

  23. veasna pich says:

    My name is Sorn pichveasna , i got an sms on my mobile has been granted 1,000,000.00pounds GBP in the CC-UK 2015 promo.
    Email adress is [redacted] .com and phone number +[redacted]
    Age 23 …. how can i got it

  24. md.mekail hossen says:

    25th july2016 i have goten mail that i have won the coco cola international mobile draw 3200000 british pound. is it true? my name md. mekail hossen. my mobile number [redacted] from bangladesh

  25. Mohit Soam says:

    Mohit Soam on july 13
    i hav also got mail regarding this but i hav snd them my cell no. address etc. then now what should i do?

  26. sushil singh says:

    Mughe mil gaya to jan le lunga my no [redacted]

  27. Antima jain says:

    hello, I am received this massage


    this is true or not, please confirm me

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