UN Compensation Award Winner.

Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 14:44:05 +0700
From: GILBERT BROWN [gilbertbrown22@gmail.com]
Reply-To: gb1917@hotmail.com
Subject: UN Compensation Award Winner.

Switzerland Department of Humanitarian Affairs,
Palais des Nations,
CH-1211 Geneva 10,

UN Compensation Award Winner.

Greetings from the United Nations (UN) global office. We happily announce to you the draw of 2011 Asian, Euro-Afro email prize award held on the 7th of February 2011 in United Kingdom for our yearly compensation prize.You have therefore been approved to claim a sum of $1.2MILLION dollars in ATM MASTER CARD payment system.
All participants in this program were selected randomly through a computer balloting system, drawn from individual email addresses from all search engines. Your email address was picked up by the automated computer balloting system, which has been programmed for this random selection. This has eventually qualified you for the Winning. This promotional program takes place annually, and was sponsored and promoted by eminent personalities in the world, with the support of Pacific Asia Companies/European corporate companies and organizations to encourage the use of Internet and computers worldwide.
Please note that your lucky winning number falls within our Asian representative’s booklet in South East Asia in Kingdom of Cambodia as indicated in your file number: take note of your payment code: (USB/3430) any e-mail you receive henceforth that does not have your payment code:(USB/3430)Should be disregarded immediately and forwarded to us for immediate investigation.
Immediately you receive this e-mail from us. Any e-mail that you receive regarding any amount of funds without the payment code should be disregarded to avoid any complication in receiving your funds. Remember you will be paid through ATM MASTER CARD Payment System immediately you contact CAMBODIA ASIA BANK with your information below.

1 Your Name…….
2 Country…………
3 Home address…….
4Telephone Number…….
5 Age……………
6 Occupation……

Person to Contact
ATM CARD Department Director

Warning: Note that you are advised not to disclose your payment code number to anyone until your said funds has been fully released to you, please contact Our approved paying bank, CAMBODIA ASIA BANK with the following details for data reconfirmation and your payment collection.and don’t forget your payment code(USB/3430) when contacting the Bank


Coordinator United Nations
(UN) global office


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